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Dodge Ram Occupant Protection Really Works!

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Q: i had the same problem with my 1997 ram1500 my battery was leaking on the vaccum line. the leaking would burn a hole in the line and make the cruise control stop working. i replaced the battery 2 years ago and the cruise control has been working with no problems. hope this helps on sun 29 jun 2003 154658 -0400 dodge3500 wrote 1999 3500 cummins cruise control stopped working. press cruise and lights up on dash will not set resume etc. i know there are a lot of inputs/outputs to make the cc work is any one a higher failure item than any other such as tps etc truck is still running fine with no transmission weirdness or anything else. any help appreciated. .


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on 7/1/03 1106 remove spam from address to reply wrote we did a little unscientific research a few years ago with our mazda pickup drove from calif to dallas with tail gate down and averaged the same or a little less than other trips with gate up... drove back with a piece of plywood on it that my bro-in-law cut to fit the bed and averaged almost 2 mpg more on the return trip... if i remember right the normal was about 27 and we got about 29 on the way back with my 01 dak with ext. cab adding the cab high camper shell increased hiway/trip mileage from the 16-18 mpg range to maybe the 18-20 range... mac heres another one for you and ive repeated it several times with similar results driving from dallas to santa fe a 600-mile one way frequent vacation i always got poorer mileage than on the return trip. i averaged the differences and using some rule-of-thumb conversions and engine efficiencies i got from guys on the groups i found that the excess energy consumed on the trip west was almost exactly equal to the change in gravitational potential energy going from this lower elevation to the higher one! i got worse than normal mileage going west uphill and better than normal mileage going east downhill. i stored energy on the gradual climb and got it back when i came home! martin sounds far-fetched. prevailing winds are a more likely factor. add the headwind to your groundspeed westbound subtract the tailwind eastbound and the difference is twice what the winds speed is. aerodynamic drag doesnt change linearly either it changes as the square of the change in velocity. driving west at 60mph into a 20mph wind gives 80mph airspeed going east gives 40mph airspeed so the westbound trip has 4x the drag. .