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Dodge Ram 2000 Quad cab rear door stuck

From : denny

Q: then i apologize since it is the correct and mature thing to do. budd jerry wrote budd cochran wrote and you just proved that what i said about you the other day is true. thank you jerry. but i have to ask if you cant follow your own signature line when people are looking how can you expect anyone to think youll follow it when nobody is looking budd gee budd what did you say about me the other day you really dont expect anyone on here to keep track of your blabbering stupidity do you. didnt you tell theguy to butt out when he commented about something you claimed was directed towards someone else well ......... my comment was directed to mac so now i guess i get to say butt out. anyway it has been a very hot day here and i do appreciate the humor you provide all of us even if it is moronic. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .