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Q: im somewhat confused about towing capacity and the license tags on light trucks. if you are towing your own rig and not for hire can you use the standard 12000 gvw plates but tow more weight it seems like some of the rv type trailers would be too large for the standard license plates. thanks bill not legally. if your stopped the fine will be for driving out of registration class and you will probably have to get a new registration with the higher amount or pay to have the trailer towed away. another thing to keep in mind is the gvw of the tow vehicle. if your trailer is above that as well as the registration you will get at least two tickets. talk to some of the folks who have been towing into florida. they have been finally taking the laws seriously in regard to registration and towing capacity. they have also been impounding vehicles if your vehicle is rated for more than your drivers license class is legal for. they give the vehicle back when you or someone you designate shows up with the proper class license to drive it. many states look the other way except in the case of an accident. personally i dont like the way that folks can just walk in and buy one of the huge motor coaches and drive away with it when the largest vehicle they have driven was a geo metro. or the ones who just picked up something like a 3500 dually and the new 40 foot trailer without ever towing anything before. i got caught in missouri towing a car with a pickup and 6000 pound plates. the fine was $1.00 a pound and i was 3100 pounds over. after pleading ignorance and buying a 12000 pound plate the judge let me go. the fact that the car has its own legal license made no difference. al .