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From : mac davis

Q: tom lawrence wrote hey all you cdt and other diesel owners what kind of fuel mileage do you average inner city and highway i get about 125% of a chebbie 1/2-ton while making about 2.5x the power and weighing about 50% more about 19mpg in mixed 50/50 driving... 21 on straight highway runs. 23 if i keep it in the right lane at 55. 15-16 if im playing make the rice rockets look even sillier. yeah right on the 2.5 x power. if the gas truck is geared properly it will pull just about as much as a oil burner will. it is all in the gearing. deisel are usually geared correct to match their narrow power/rpm range to the load while gas truck are rarely geared properly. i have hualed a 13k loaded equipment trailer a few time with my k3500 with not problems or big fuss. heck 30 years ago give us a break with the 30 year old stuff. get current will ya. .