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From : mac davis

Q: lol that was funny but im just wondering how much wishful thinking is in there - -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .


From : helper

i wrote roy wrote in our furry friends troubled past mac please remove splinters before emailing hey bro!! the pic didnt make it! yeah put it here! http// i mean here! http// .

From : helper

thanks for those who posted tire advice concerning my 2000 dakota. i went back to the stock size in an all season passenger car tire but not without some difficulty. at wallyworld i told the service writer the size. i had a copy of the list and so did she and she turned to the truck tire page. i dont want truck tires taking the advice here. i want passenger car tires. im not looking at truck tires the page was captioned light truck and suv im looking at.... .... .... tire tires. well the ones i want are on the first page. pointing on my copy to some uniroyal as tires. turn the white walls in. so after sorting that out i looked at the authorization ticket and it said 5w30 for the oil change apparently computer generated based on the vehicle info and i said i wanted 10w30. after maybe half an hour i got paged to the service department where the following conversation occured with the mechanic. do you know the size youve asked for isnt the same as whats on the truck yea but the size ive picked is the right size. its whats on the sticker same size as the spare. the previous owner put on oversize tires. dont know why. ok. just thought id better check. it did look like it was sitting a bit high. now how high its sits is a real good method of determining the right size tires dont you think so i went and wandered back out into the store. then i got paged again. had this coversation with the service writer and manager. service writer we only have three of those tires. manager interjecting while passing through the computer says we have four but one is mislabeled as a 75 when its really a 70. a 70 is shorter. me what else do you have the service writer flipped to the lt/suv page indentifed some gypo brand wl tire in a p size but with an lt tread pattern and checked inventory on the computer. looking over her shoulder i saw inventory of 1 so i didnt have to argue that point with her fortunately after the earlier discrepancy it didnt occur to her that computer inventory might be wrong on this one too!. so she went back to page one and suggested a goodyear something or other silence on my part remembering the advice here and then went to the inventory screen... which fortunately for me showed 3 in stock so i figured i was safe. service writer let me call another store and see if i can get you a 4th tire. if they have one well go get it right away. so it turned out the other store had enough to make a set of 4 on both the uniroyal and the goodyear. service writer they have both. which do you want me seems real obvious my first choice. ok. thats done so i wandered back out into the store again for a long time this time and wondering if this was all manipulation to get me to buy something before theyd cut my truck loose found an old blue eyes cd to give as a christmas gift to a relative old enough to remember when old blue eyes was a new and upcoming singer plus jo dee messinas greatest hits for me. fervent hope id done what was needed to get my truck finished. finally i was paged that the truck was ready. service writer the sticker on the oil cap says 5w30. yknow its best to use what they say. i know someone who used 10w40 and it gummed up her engine and ruined it. at this point i wasnt particularly upset although i was 3 hours into the deal. after all they did sell me what i wanted except for the oil and they made a good effort to get the tires i wanted and most fortunately did so quckly within the context of the capabilities of doing so. so overall im happy. after all had i gone to a real tire store when they found out one of the 4 75s on the computer was actually a mislabeled 70 those professionals would have tried to sell me a whole set of 70s based on the pitch that a wider tire puts more rubber on the road. blessed are the true amatuers! .

From : roy

dats kold .