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Defrost question (2003)

From : s mason

Q: caerbannog wrote educated republican wrote i love my v-10 sittin way up high. the power is unimagined and i feel heroic singing to lee greenwood. i like to push the guy ahead in the liberal econobox. even more when i have my headlights on blinding his mirrors! god made this country great so we could have power on demand because its all about us. god told rush that only he can change warming so my little output dont matter. if the enviros ban big motors we will be robbed of our power rights so write to your repesentatives or just crush the next subaru you see! steve it looks like yet another poor chap is suffering from the symptoms of sdc small dick complex. looks more like arianna huffington has gotten into the liquor cabinet again and is mixing them with her other meds. and thinks her lincoln navigator has a v10. .