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Daytime Running Lamps module for 99 Ram Van?

From : robert westbrook

Q: you make some very good points however the southern states having decided that membership in the union was no longer in their best interests had every right to secede and should have been allowed to. not exactly true since some of those states had signed the declaration of independance and all of those states had representitives making united states policy up until the day when seccession began. even then southerners questioned the wisdom of that action. it was essentially started by a group of extremists go figure led by robert b. rhett. it was for years loked at as the last resort by john c. calhoun an elder statesman from the south. it took four days for s. carolina mississippi alabama and florida to leave the union. during that time the u.s. congress was still working on compromises. the other states in the south took due time in making the decision. while they believed they had the right id love to see the document that hands this right to the states in a proper form not all other rights and appertuances they also wondered if it was the correct course of action. former congressman alexander stevens of ga said this government of our fathers with all its defects comes nearer the objects of all good government than any other on the face of the earth. does that sound like he wanted to secceed to be fair many others from ga felt quite strongly to the opposite. la was protected by a federal tariff in its sugar production. thus seccession was even more hesitant in that state. in texas sam houston was removed for opposing seccession. obviously some very good minds were thinking farther ahead than the assumed right to secceed. the union was an alliance created amongst the states for the preservation of their interests with limited federal powers as outlined in the constitution. wrong. the union as it was called was the united states as they were without those that had secceeded since they still held the constitution and its more perfect union as the structuring document. there was a union political party but it was not the government body. the southern folk saw that the federal government was gradually usurping their sovereignty and felt that a parting of the ways was justified. hardly see above. there was much discussion before most of the south secceeded. i am not condoning slavery it is an abomination and had the south been allowed to secede i think slavery would have died a natural death within perhaps another 50 years. had lincoln been aloowed to assume the presidency prior to the idiotic move by the south they might have found that they could have their slavery and states rights as well. as it turned out lincoln viewed their actions in secceeding as treason and treated it as such. anything less would have been improper for the chief executive and would have led to a decline of proper leadership in washington. indeed it is quite possible that a had the civil war not happened as a follow up to seccession we would not be as strong a nation now and b had the south not secceeded at all we might be an even stronger nation not bound by all the federal beaurocracy. however as it stands lincoln took the only path he could and retain order in washington. i always thought it interesting that the emancipation proclamation only applied to the southern states over which lincoln had no control at the time and did not apply to those in the north where he did have control.... why do you suppose that was hmmmm no other reason than retaliation to be found. in any event i am not a die hard wishing for the south to rise again. both sides had their good points and bad ones! agreed. i just wish that we could return to a little more balance and the let the states control their destiny and dollars without uncle sugar being involved in damned near everything again agreed. interesting that states do retain the licensing of drivers which is where this all started. i challenge anyone to show me the constitutional mandate for half the crappy legislation that comes out of dc. again agreed. i simply dont buy the argument that lincoln was a tyrant. if lincoln was then we could apply the same label to gwb. both simply did are doing the best they could to insure national security. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : mark sparge

i think napa shocks are also monroe units with different paint. might be worth a look. james im considering replacing my shocks on the 2k dak. i switched to 285/75/16s and the shocks are showing thier 72k miles. my truck is mostly an around the town driver but i take it on 2/3 1000 mile or more trips a year. i added a good bit of weight with a custom winch mount bumper and 9k warn winch hard tauneau bike rack and tool box. anyone try the edelbrocks trailmaster ssvs rancho rsxs thoughts on any of these think there is something better out there input is apreciated! sean rec.bicycles.marketplace .

From : redneck tookover hell

say denny you have never mentioned anything about your impression of roy. is it true hes about 5 foot 1inch and weighs about 110 pounds and sue is about 5 foot 10 inches and about 150 bg which one of these offers are you going to take none of them mentioned you delivering it so you dont have to move out of your chair just sign the piece of paper and count the cash. g .

From : deno24

remember muddaubers nests arent covered under warranty. my 02 dakota leaks water into the pasanger compartment but not all the time. the truck is still under warrenty and i am taking it in to be fixed. i pulled the heat shield off that covers the drain and it is dripping but it still has flodded the pasanger side as well as the back seat of the truck. i vacumed out about 2 gallons of water so my wife didnt have to sit in a puddle on the way home from camp. has anybody else had thi happen and what was done to correct it. .

From : paul jensen

on wed 20 aug 2003 044033 gmt denny wrote maybe but you still have to inhale sometime although with all of the bs that tends to go on in here i can see why you would try to avoid it. i cant argue that.. g the east coasters are the only ones that can speak the language correctly. $6999.99 and a snow blower and he can keep the plow since i doubt that i will need either one in nc. if he keeps the blade what is he going to do with it hang it on sues eldo $6999.99 and a book on how to train the dog to use a shovel. denny couldnt he vent the group outside and just melt all the snow with hot air .

From : redneck tookover hell

drl who would want that im glad i aint got em and if i had em id sure as hell disable em. i bet you drive around with your hazaed lights flashing when it rains too. because of the morons rolling around in the fog rain and dark with no lights on people are getting into accidents and getting killed because they couldnt see the stupid one coming. wish i had drl. i always roll around with at least my fog lights on. .

From : redneck tookover hell

on wed 20 aug 2003 044033 gmt denny wrote maybe but you still have to inhale sometime although with all of the bs that tends to go on in here i can see why you would try to avoid it. i cant argue that.. g the east coasters are the only ones that can speak the language correctly. $6999.99 and a snow blower and he can keep the plow since i doubt that i will need either one in nc. if he keeps the blade what is he going to do with it hang it on sues eldo $6999.99 and a book on how to train the dog to use a shovel. denny couldnt he vent the group outside and just melt all the snow with hot air wouldnt that have some kind of effect on global warming talk about overkill.... g denny a real valid point. i was thinking if i vented it outside i could really go into the snow removal business. one contract that comes to mind is canada all of it. bfg roy .

From : circuit breaker

on sat 16 aug 2003 074456 -0700 jim dauven wrote the mathematical conversion from mechanical horsepower to electricity is 746 watts = 1 horsepower that 746 watts could be any combination of 1 volt at 746 amps to 746 volts at 1 amp. so if your alternator is a 60 amp alt at 14 volts the alternator needs to put out between 13.5 and 14 volts to charge a lead acid battery you need at least 60 amps x 14 volts == 840 watts / 746 == 1.12 horsepower if you add in the energy lost to friction slippage heat etc. then you are closer to 2 horse power to drive the average alternator. a dual alternator set up will give your 1700 watts at idle. the military went to 24 volt systems as an efficiency measure higher rotor coil energy creates a stronger magnetic field for the fields to be cut by so the alternator can put out more electricity from a smaller package. typical military alternators are 28 volt units at 60 amps which are not that much bigger than the 12 volt 60 amp unit yet put out twice the power. in heavy aircraft the alternators are 28 volt 300 or 400 amp 400 hz ac units. these units are just over 15 inches in diameter weigh in at about 30 lbs yet put out 8400 or 11000 watts. the 400 hz when rectified to dc user smaller rectification units and makes cleaner dc power than the common 60 hz ac of our house hold electricity when rectified to dc. 400 hz also allows for the use of smaller lighter and more efficient transformers. it also made for easier gearing of the alternator most aircraft piston engines b-17 b-24 etc ran at about 2000 rpm it was a lot easier to run the alternator at 400 rpm than gearing it down to 60 rpm with two of these units with field coil selector switch alternators are not self excited so you need an external battery to drive the rotor coils you can use one or two of the units as you need. what you need is a 2 to 1 step down transformer and a rectifier to provide the dc power for the 12 volt really 13.5 volt lead acid batteries. no lead/acid cells produce two volts. a car battery uses six such cells in series. however the alternator has to provide a higher voltage to charge the battery and the voltage regulator is usually set to around 13.5 volts. a few words of warning in passing. disconnecting the battery or the wrong wire when the engine is running or not using care when welding vehicle components can cause the system voltage to rise beyond 13.5 volts. as many semiconductors are highly sensitive to overvoltages this can result in the instant obliteration of any connected devices using semiconductors. if blow all the semiconductors in your car radio stereo system cb or other transceiver it is usually cheaper to buy a new one than to replace all the damaged components. then the dc power has to be inverted back to 60 hz ac power and then back through a 9.5 to one step up transformer to get the 120 volt 60 hz ac power to drive common house hold or commercial gear. since you want ac power at the proper voltage and roughly the proper frequency why mess around with converting to dc then back to ac unless need the storage battery capacity. all such conversions are inefficient. be aware that 12 volt dc can start the excitation of the rotor but you need away to keep the 24 volts for the rotor excitation this occurs once the alternator starts running and the rotor gets its energy from the voltage regulator from bleeding back to the battery. so the bottom line is this whole thing is not as simple as it looks. it would be much simpler if the auto industry went from 12 volt systems to 24 volt system much like it did in the 50s when it went from 6 volt systems to 12 volt systems. yes it probably would but i suppose the main reason they dont is that car radios stereos cb & other transceivers motors fans electric bulbs etc are mostly designed for 13.5 volts maximum. considering the number of people who manage to destroy unprotected radios etc. using solid state devices by getting the polarity wrong when they install them i shudder to think how many devices could be destroyed by the owner of a car with a 24 volt system. not that 24 volt bulbs headlights etc are hard to get. many heavy trucks use 24 volt systems. however personally have never seen a car radio cb etc. designed for a 24 volt system. have to use a converter with them or tap into the battery at the proper point to get 12 volts. however a good post with some good tech info. some emergency vehicles such as ambulances used to be fitted with larger alternators and three phase transformers for running emergency rescue tools. possibly worth checking a wrecking yard for such gear the frequency and voltage output of an alternator depends on speed of rotation. however most power tools dont require exact voltages and frequency. the normal us power system is nominally 120

From : greg surratt

in our shop a fully certified l1 tech gets $24.00/hr plus benefits. mike so what is the average pay for mechanics in car dealer ships kinda curious. thanks .

From : greg surratt

i dont think there is a difference in the beds of the 98 and 01 but i am not sure. there are for the short bed. maybe someone can let us know on the bed sizes. ill pay for the shipping if you think theyll fit a 98 ram short bed. lemme know bob i have a set of unused plastic bedside toolboxs that need a home. i never installed them and i have sold the truck. fits 2001 ram 1500 or any model with the same bed. they fit in the bed on both sides. jc whitney has something http// like them but mine go from the front of the bed across the wheel well to the rear. free if you pick them up or pay shipping. also have a dodge factory nose cover which i have used. all for free in the indianapolis area. .

From : robert westbrook

you have a leak in the intake vacuum. could be a simple bad hose or valve or could be a very bad intake manifold gasket problem. david the a/c stops blowing thru the vents when accelerating anytime the engine is under heavier than normal load even going uphill. my truck is a 98 ram 5.2l with 88k miles on it. it seems like a vacuum operated vent is opening then closing with a thump sound when letting off the throttle. any ideas what the problem is thanks in advance js .

From : james c reeves

it tickles me to see the posts on this ng and the length posters feel we dealers will go to to screw people and the lengths photos of each wheel they feel the consumer must go to to avoid being screwed! jeesh guys... get a life! it happens mike... believe me it happens. a couple of years ago a colleague had to take his bmw in for a leaking valve cover gasket out of warranty. to be safe he marked a few of the valve cover bolts with some white-out. the next day we went to pick up the vehicle. the sm said all the work was done no problems and he should be good to go. before paying the $450 bill we went out and popped the hood. every white mark was untouched. we closed the hood walked back inside and commented on what an amazing job the tech did. when the sm got a slightly confused look on his face my friend said yeah you managed to change the gasket without ever removing the cover. thats simply amazing!. the sms face turned white. he babbled for a bit then called the tech over. my friend explained the white-out trick. the tech stared for a minute then got pissed you set a trap for me! he yelled - as if it was my friends fault. needless to say some words were exchanged punches were almost thrown and we wound up leaving. the vehicle finally got repaired at another dealership and this time the white-out was scratched off the bolt heads - we checked. it does happen... maybe not often and im sure not in your shop but not all shops are run like yours. i know tom and you are absolutely correct it sadly does happen but to listen to some in this ng it sounds like every dealer is a crook and that is painting with a mighty broad brush. mike .

From : robert westbrook

on wed 20 aug 2003 142656 -0400 circuit breaker /dev/null@ wrote im interested in this. besides if im not mistaken the drl module runs your parking lamps on the bright i.e. turn signal filament and makes them stand out better during the day which is the whole point i thought. also do the tail lights come on with drl module no. im curious too because id like to have drl on my 90 daytona es as well just to have them. jc whitney sells a couple modules for about $20. one wire to a headlight wire one to the alternator. .