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Dakota Manual Transmissions ???

From : katmandu

Q: found it! since people dont like having binaries posted here i put it on my site just click on the link below to download it... i have no idea where this document is from. i am not endorsing any products here i am just providing the info that was given to me. http// someone a short while back posted a 42 page report on the stuff and about how great it is... the truth is its just as good as mobile 1 amsoil and what ever else there is out there. they will try some gimmick to convince you that its so much better than anything else on the market. give me a day or two and i will see is i can dig up that report for you. i know where to get it! i need to know just how good it is.. rich try ebay you can find just about anything there. whats the best place to get royal purple thats royal purple i just purchased a 98 dakota with 127000 mi on it. i usually run mobile 1 but would like to try this new oil called purple something.. any ideas or comments rich -- god bless and protect defenders of freedom proud our son is a united states marine these colors dont run god bless america ****** usmc ****** 100% pure whoopass!! saddam here we come!!! .


From : katmandu

on mon 11 aug 2003 071903 -0400 no.spam@no.junk.mail wrote on wed 06 aug 2003 011231 gmt gary glaenzer wrote on tue 05 aug 2003 190532 gmt other brother kevin wrote how do i convert foot-pounds to inch-pounds 12 inch-pounds = 1 foot-pound or for the mathematically impaired. foot-pounds/12 = inch-pounds. want to re-think that last bit gheez seemed okay at the time. how about if i say that 1 inchpound = .0833 footpounds damn give em an inch-pound and theyll take a mile-ton... .