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Dakota AC Question

From : mwb

Q: theres been a lot of chatter on the ng lately about factory service contracts. for an illuminating listen call 877 262-8765 its toll free between 7am and 7pm cdt and listen to the first 30 seconds then decide if those bargain contracts are really worth it. mike p.s. the whole story will follow.... mike when i buy a contract i take it home first read it cross out certain paragraphs that i do not like add my own paragraphs and then sign it. if they do not sign it i go to a different dealer. i make sure the extended contracts are 100% bumper to bumper. remember contracts are negotiable. you sign only the ones that make you comfortable. most important rule when buying a car is be ready to step away from the process at any time. never be too excited. like when they tried to push some limited model hemi 1500 on me once for 42k. yeah it looked good had all these after market parts and i would have bought it for $6k less - but i did not. i never had an issue with an extended contract. plus i only buy contracts if i buy a euro or american made car. i never needed any warranty work done on any of the japs that i owned initial stuff like adjusting seats etc but nothing more. dan .


From : cbhvac

nate try southern utah or northern az. lots of areas for you to play in your jeep. wife can be a nurse at the hospitals and you can hvac. of course if you moved there id then have a good reason to meet the legendary nate since i live in southern ca .

From : mwb have a leak and your lp switch is not allowing the clutch to engauge overfilled it and the hp switch is tripped... if it aint rocket science how come no amatuer gets it right ive got a 1997 dakota 3.9l. last year my a/c started blowing hot air. i rarely use the a/c so i wasnt in a hurry to check it out. ive never been impressed with this a/c. the a/c clutch has been loud for the last few years so loud i used the defrost heatonly when i had too. today i put a can of 134a in the system. i checked the pressure and it was low and fine after charging. after i charged the system i ran it for 15 minutes and it cooled a little. now its blowing hot air and the a/c clutch isnt engaging. the clutch isnt even engaging with the defroster on. the low pressure isnt cool now. did i cook my pump any ideas thanks mark .

From : Annonymous

i have the same truck and get 22.6 mpg at 65 mph. ha ha ! but 13 in town whaaa ! today i did it! 18.85 mpg. ram 1500 2wd with 4.7l 5 speed auto. 65 mph avg and tonneau cover. it almost made the epa rating of 19. the truck is a 2003 with 4700 miles. whats everyones record .

From : scanman

anyone in or around south florida looking to buy a bedliner its coming out of a 98 1500 this saturday. its a relatives truck he is looking to get $125.00 for it. any interested parties feel free to contact me and i will put you in touch. thanks! don ***remove the 1 from my email to reply*** .

From : cbhvac

perhaps you need to think about the rim itself. i would suspect that the 20 rim is not as strong as the 17. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving joe you were comparing the 20 to the 17 rts but it was a p-metric rts i believe that the lt rts has a rating that is still higher yet. that still may account for the difference.... dont throw the sliderule theory out yet though... ^ mike ok i went to a swap meet today found a set of new 20s checked them out. heres the info load rating 2403 lbs. at max inflation pretty darn high still exceeding the old standard 1/2 ton pick up tire p235/75r15 rating of 2205 but compared to a goodyear wrangler rt/s p265/70r17 which is 2535 it suffers a bit. size was p275/55r20 = 275/25.4*2*.55+20 = 31.9 once again real close to the 17s in diameter. so i really havent cleared anything up still confused about the issue. i think ill just stick with mikes slide rule theory. hmm could be. you dont think the 20s have enough load capacity to take 1000 lbs. of tongue weight anyway i was bored looked up the 17 tire sizes i didnt bother to look up load ratings after running the numbers. p245/70r17 = 245/25.4*2*.7+17=30.5 p265/70r17 = 265/25.4*2*.7+17=31.6 so not a lot of difference from the 32 i taped from my buddies kids truck. damn im getting old my friends have adult anyway i think you and tom are correct. i dont think the tire diameter has as much bearing on the tow capacity as the load rating on the tire. i suspect if you compare the max load rating on the 20 tire and compare it to the load rating on the 17 lt that tom alluded to in a previous post you will find the difference there. the 20s are show tires the 17 lts are work tires. chryco service manager member sae ive had a tape on the twenties just over 32 diameter dont know what the 17s are. if someone will post the exact sizes i can run the math on them and see how they come out. you do know the tires delivered on the twankies are lower profile than the 17s right i believe the total height is within an inch or so. js i have an 03 ram 1500 club cab w/ hemi 3.92 rearend limited slip-20 wheels. the brochure stated that it was rated for 8900 lbs. the web site limits it to 7750. my brother has a gmc 1500 with the 5.3 engine. he is good for 8100 lbs. i thought dodge was best in class....what is the deal here 20 inch wheels dood your 3.92 rear end is now a 289 rear cant have looks and power. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .

From : cbhvac writes have a leak and your lp switch is not allowing the clutch to engauge overfilled it and the hp switch is tripped... if it aint rocket science how come no amatuer gets it right youre right it aint rocket science but some amateurs do get it right. theres just not many good amateurs and those that are good are overshadowed by the overwhelming number of blubbering idiots. know i wasnt flaming the guy..but...damn..didnt we just go over this.. theres good articles on the web and cheap books at barnes & noble and free books at the library that can teach good fundamentals and show you how in only a few hours. going the extra mile to attend a trade school and getting into an apprentice program is what you do if you want to make your living sweating bullets crawling around in hot attics in the summer and freezing to death in cold attics in the winter or bending over hot greasy engines year-round. heat and cold...never bothered me much. i really enjoyed this work more in palm springs.... somehow a computer-science degree seemed a little cleaner and more temp-stable to me. - lol...i brother went the same way....doesent make as much...but hes happy..and thats all that matters devout amateur .