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Cracked frame

From : dave

Q: hey all i have a 97 ram slt with original am/fm tape player in it! i was playing a tape comedian pablo francisco the other day and when i got home i just shut the truck off without ejecting the tape when i restart the truck later in the evening the tape doesnt play just the radio and i cant get the tape to eject. the last thing i want to do is destroy the tape to get it out of the player. any suggestions thank you caryv .


From : hodad

can we assume all three of the brake lights are working properly and have the correct bulbs installed had same problem and one of the brake light bulbs was burnt out. replaced bulb and the dash lights were no longer on. david please help. 1996 dodge 1500. 59000 miles standard transmission abs rear brakes only. the abs light and the brake light both are on brake light gets brighter when you set parking brake. took it to the shop 1st they unhooked battery to reset computer lights went out for about 10 seconds then came back on. they checked the sensors on the rear brakes and said they were ok. hooked it up to their scanner and it doesnt say anything is wrong no codes. they believe it to be wire but we do not have access to a wiring diagram. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks -- .

From : cw

gentlemen a good driver can get better fuel mileage without using cruise control..... heres how...... keep in mind that your cruise control has one objective that is to maintain a set speed. a driver on the other hand who if driving for fuel economy has that objective on his/her mind and can thus take advantage of the natural terrain features and vehicle characteristics to maximize fuel economy. for example when going up hills cruise control will downshift and apply more power to maintain that speed. a driver on the other hand knows that will happen and doesnt mind if the speed drops a bit and thus will let the speed drop rather than have the vehicle downshift. a driver also can anticipate an upcoming hill and thus accelerate slightly to begin the climb at a speed somewhat higher speed knowing that the velocity will drop as the hill is climbed. finally when going down hill cruise control may downshift to maintain a set speed while a careful driver will allow the speed to creep slightly over the desired speed especially when a hill is forthcoming in order to maximize fuel economy. at least for the foreseeable future a driver is still the best way to maximize fuel economy. that would be true if there are hills. flatlanders may as well turn on the cruise... .

From : gary carter

i bought an adapter at wal-mart. it had a 4 pin on one end and a 7 pin rv receptacle on the other. you dont have to use the other wires if you dont need them and you can still keep your 4 pin for a utility trailer or something. bob need help with installing a 7 pole round connector . i have a 2002 1500. the truck came with the standard connector which has 3 pins and one hole or whatever you call it. i want to have the round plug mounted so that the wiring isnt just hanging there on the back of the truck. the trucks wires are yellow/pink stripe white/pink stripe black/ red stripe black could someone tell me what these wires are so i can hook up the 7 pole round connector. thanks -- homelite chainsaws are junk dont waste your money! .