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From : ottereagle

Q: all modern engines use moly rings that seat almost immediatly. even with the old iron rings it wouldnt take 5000 miles to seat. i dont know that i would switch to any synthetic on my first oil change. i too am planning on switching my 03 ram to synthetic but i remember reading an article a couple of years ago recommending that you not switch to synthetic until you have 5000 - 7000 miles on a new engine. this is because of the rings. the rings take between 5 and 7 thousand miles to seat and they would take longer to seat with synthetic oil than normal parafin based oils. i would wait until the second oil change. thats what im going to do with mine. -- steve vedell it is getting close to time for the first oil change in my 2003 hemi and i am thinking about starting to use royal purple. i am wondering if anyone knows of any reason not to do this. thanks. .