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From : larry

Q: they took a red s-10 xtreme and ripped out the 4 cylinder and got a doner z28 engine 350 ls1/4l60e they stuck the 350 in the s10 put on some yellow stripes across the roof and down the hood....then made some black stripes on the pavement! ah so they did do one... good swap too bad they lifted it the wrong way. ;o .


From : deno24

on 15 aug 2003 210015 gmt ignoramus4661 ignoramus4661@nospam.4661.invalid said these hours will not necessarily hurt the engine -- low power low rpm low temps. which also means less oil presure which means more engine wear. allowing a automobile engine to idle for long periods is bad iirc. ymmv. .

From : frosty

soon ill be replacing the oem am/fm cassette with a cd-player version. any tips on removing the radio my haynes manual is a bit weak on removing the instrument cluster bezel after i remove the cup holder and ash tray. any hints on where the bezel retaining clips are would sure be appreciated. thanks gary anyone know off-hand what brand and model radios support the steering wheel controls in my 99 2500 this topic was discussed aboot a year ago if i recall correctly. .

From : larry wrote anyone out there have a opinion on chevron premium 10/30 and valvoline 10/30 i suppose i would give chevron a try if its about $0.89 per quart. seems like it usually is. valvoline i like valvoline. good reputation. handsomely sculpted plastic bottles. i just got a case for $0.89/qt. after $6 rebate plus $5 free gas coupon = $0.48/qt. wow ^ valvoline is for your valves. havoline is for the haves and the have-nots. .