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Color of wire feeding trailer lites?

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Q: sounds like an attitudnall thing to me...notice you only went for what you could understand... love it.. now why dont you stick to the points being addressed and stop acting like a 4 year old if you cant take what is being thrown at you go away ride your tornado into the sunset and stop making this crap up. from your later posting its obvious that you are making things up now....sad. you have to resort to making up things to try to get your point across and yet not at one time have you even attempted to rebut any of the comments made about how that device will not operate in the manner you describe on a modern fi vehicle and why... we cant help it if you dont understand...its ok... just be ready for more of the same when you claim those magnets get you another 2mpg... such moronic diatribe. then shut the fuck up about your overpriced pos. k easy as hell to understand. oh..wait... slow for you.. s h u t t h e f u c k u p t h e n. are happy with it..fine. some guys are happy with a dick in their ass too but i dont see you telling the world about that... you are quite a class act. thats quite a vocabulary you have. i bet your parents are proud of you. frustrating to not be able to communicate isnt it .


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never mind. blown fuse. doh! why do we always look in the most obvious place last hi folks getting no power to the trailer connector for the running lights on my 2000 ram 1500. the truck lights work fine and all other trailer pins work turn sigs brake. this beast has the factory tow package. i swapped in a different relay in the power dist. box under the hood but no luck. when i turn the lights on the relay clicks but no power seems to be leaving the power dist box in the orange/brown wire which seems to be the one for the trlr lights. any ideas where i can look nect where does the power for these lights come into the power box -tom .