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Closu 01 Dodge 24v Diesel lift pump pressure

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Q: i dont understand how you can backflush against the flow of a running water pump! as per web link this page also does not take into account that to get a recommended 50% ratio you must know the capicity of the system. the manual will tell you that. if the system holds 12 quarts you must put in 6 quarts of undiluted antifreeze then top it off with water distilled prefered by me article also does not mention the problems of changing antifreeze types. i did but would not do it again. i general that page is fos. dick if you are using the prestone flush system then yes the hose with the coupling is the one to use. just remove the coupling and insert the t fitting there. i would also suggest cracking the lower radiator hose loose for draining the radiator it is much faster than using the petcock. remember to use pure antifreeze and not that 50/50 crap when you refill the radiator after the flush and put it into the radiator unmixed. it will mix with the water that is still in the engine to give you the proper ratio. if you want to do it with the distilled water method as some in here like to do then after the flush you will need to remove the lower radiator hose as well as the block drains small hex fittings on the lower block on the sides of the engine to remove as much water as possible before filling it with either that pre-mixed stuff or an equal amount of distilled water and antifreeze. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i want to change my engine coolant and found this article http// it talks about installing the t-fitting in the heater-inlet hose that runs from the firewall to the top of the engine. i have one heater hose which runs on the driver side to the firewall and one that runs on the passenger side. i suspect the one on the passenger side to be the inlet hose that i need to install the t-fitting in. am i right with that that one on the passenger side actually already has a coupling in it so it should be very easy to install the fitting. but again is that one the right hose any other tips for changing the engine coolant are appreciated as well. thanks in advance. axel .


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hi all if this is ot i really apologize. im looking for a project truck. basically im looking for 1. 1990-1998 2. 250/2500 3. cummins of course 4. 4x4 5. extended cab 6. straight body - never had moderate or major damage 7. blown engine and/or blown tranny im in the southeast. where would be a good place to pick up a beast like this .

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happy thanksgiving!! .

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i just jost my 05 ram daytona w/ hemi. does it have variable cylinder firing based on performance demand then we seen it in our cadillac cars which worked fine. regards the cadillac you have to be the only person ive ever heard of to say or write this!! roy .

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nosey wrote check your local paper online classified section. been checking all the metro papers within 3-4 hours driving for months. i live in the sticks so our want-ads are almost worthless...... .