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Clock Spring

From : jim loveland

Q: i never have and have never had a failure that could be attributed to not doing it. never had brake fade nope. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .


From : tom lawrence

is this a real problem i had an intermitent air bag light really annoying. i also had the tsb flash control problem which i think is finally fixed. i have been advised to spend $300 on the clock spring thing to fix the air bag light but my return trip from dealer it did not go off. the only time it seemed to act up was on idle which was a problem before the tsb. can anyone advise by the way 2000 dodge dakota 4.7l .

From : tom lawrence

when i recently took my 01 ram in for some work i had them change the rear oil im lazy!. they told me they have to remove the cover. no idea why. ill have to look but shouldnt there be one drain and one fill plug like most diffs just about any diff with a rear cover not talking ford 9 or other 3rd member types will not have a drain plug. why because its easy enough to pull the cover and doing so forces you to clean out all the old lube and inspect the gears while its off. .

From : jim loveland

no such luck. talked to chrysler myself friday and my dakota is not on the recall list. so im taking it monday for the 300 repair job. tom lawrence wrote i think that saftey recalls are always a warenttee item. yep - they are. you might have just saved him a bunch of money/time/frustration .

From : Annonymous

sorry to hear about your problems. this is typical if d-c. .

From : maxpower

that is because you are both full of shit and just like to start trouble especially you jerry. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving on tue 26 oct 2004 165518 gmt jerry wrote tbone wrote i forgive you budd. now lets see if you really mean it. geez ................ even this thread he attempts to turn it into a pissing match. unbelievable.............. jerry sigh. i wasnt even going to mention that but since you brought it up i agree. im not even sure why budd is apologizing. its kind of the nature of this ng. we all have gone off and stepped over the line at some point. .