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Clicking pings from cooling metal - RAM

From : todd w roat

Q: on my second trip back for engine light coming on. first try was ssuspected gas cap. repalced back on a week later. they are going to have to run a smoke test through it to find the leak. say the check system is too sensitive. not sure if they said vaccum or emmission leak - think emmsisions. anyone had this yet this is on a brand new 2400 milkes 2003 ram hemi. thanks todd .


From : bdk

hey all i have a 97 ram slt with original am/fm tape player in it! i was playing a tape comedian pablo francisco the other day and when i got home i just shut the truck off without ejecting the tape when i restart the truck later in the evening the tape doesnt play just the radio and i cant get the tape to eject. the last thing i want to do is destroy the tape to get it out of the player. any suggestions thank you caryv .