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Clicking noise under load

From : paul

Q: if your truck is unladen leave it in od. chryco service manager member sae hi there i have a 2003 ram 1500 slt 2wd with a 4.7. when driving around the city is it better to have the od engaged or not engaged i always thought because the factory default was engaged that was the way to be please share your insight and logic on this matter. thanks loads. .


From : hodad

papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote scrape at mindspring dot com wrote on sun 06 jul 2003 222342 gmt exit wrote scrape at mindspring dot com wrote on sun 06 jul 2003 204007 gmt exit wrote forgive my lack of knowledge of us political parties as i am an englishman - i take it the democrats are the very right wing party and the republicans are the even more right wing party nope. youve got it wrong. the democrats are the socialists and the republicans are the liberals. democrats are socialists to be a socialist like tony blair or karl marx you need to believe in state ownership of big business. a command economy. redistribution of wealth. that the struggle between the proletariat and bourgeois is a politcal struggle. state provision of services. it still looks to me as though you have two right wing parties neither of whom would know socialism if it hit them in the face! ;- perhaps you need to look a bit closer. im not familiar with the phrase command economy but everything else you mentioned is dead on what the democrats want. really which industries have the democrats nationalised recently if they were socialists a national health service would be top of their list but they dont ssem to have provided one yet. we run into a little trouble with that one. since largely it is us companies fronting the bill for the r&d that provides cheapers better drugs and procedures for the rest of the world it becomes difficult for us to achieve a leechbased healthcare system without putting at least some of the cost on the non-producers. im afraid thats not true. global trade information services show that the us exported 8695 and imported 14309 gbp millions pharamceuticals in 2002. the uk by comparison exported 10031 and imported 7446. we dont put the costs on the non-producers so why would you need to id be very curious to see how pharameceuticals is defined to make that statistic true. same way the us govt defines it. id also be curious to know how many of said drugs are we originally developed or knockoffs thereof. none are knockoffs the uk is one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical developers not some 3rd world sweat shop copying us drugs. us giant pfizer is the worlds biggest pharmaceutical co. with 7.5% of the world market share. glaxosmithkline in the uk have 7.0% of the world market and none of the other us companies comes close. bear in mind that 53% of the worlds patents are registered to uk individuals or companies and a significant part of that is pharmaceutical. i was completely unaware of this. btw i am very much enjoying our conversation. do you have any links that i could look into this with always like to upgrade the worldview where it is flawed. it is rather enlightening isnt it always. it is nearly impossible to have a nice reasoned political arguement any more. both sides are so charged so pissed so wary of being lead it a trap and neither side really listening that mostly it rapidly breakdowns into ridiculous statements and personal attacks. and im just as guilty as this coming in with as much baggage as i have. its been very pleasent to have a discussion that hasnt hasnt imediately been reduced to the im a dickhead no youre a dickhead. level. agreed - i think party politics is treated a little less seriously here and is all the better for it part of why it is taken seriously here is that it is serious. the differences argued might seem little from your vantage point but for me it means how deeply others are allowed to rip into my pocket and for others its how deeply into the trouth they can dig. since i dislike being robbed it upsets me. since others have been taught not to handle things themselves they live in fear of this support being taken away and are angry at the reality of the situation. so angers and fears run high and cloud judegments on all sides. and then the politicians stir up and exaggerate those fears to get votes.... but if youve ever watched the british parliament live its hard to take them seriously. on the whole however most mps do a good job of representing their constituencies and have to run an open surgery every week where their electorate have unfettered free access to them to complain about the bins not being emptied or whatever - its great leveller and brings them down to earth! i like that sounds like a great humbler and keeps them more in touch with the people. tough to implement that with such a large population i would think though.. istr getting the world market share figures for pfizer and gsk from their respective websites and the reference to 53% of the worlds patents being british was actually calculated by the japanese ministry industry in 1996 though i cant find the link currently. shame we are not as good at selling them as we are at inventing

From : paul

sounds kinda like an exhaust leak. is it louder when the engine is cold hd no. .

From : paul

cr has been anti chrysler for many years now.... would you agree with the 2003 ram totally negative cr report its an interesting contradiction. i saved the summary here to review http// on the first page of this pdf it shows the graphical reliability history for 2002 2003 not compiled yet and all the marks are red circle high rating. but pages 3 and 4 are the summary report and it is nothing but negative. any 2003 ram owners disagree with any of the commentary in the page 3 and 4 summary considering getting one but when a review is that negative.... you have to take consumer reports with a grain of salt but at the same time you cant compeltely ignore it. thanks todd .