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Choosing an old truck

From : helper

Q: stuck in the wilderness with a 98 ram 1500 4x4 5.9l that wont start. had a check engine light prior to problem but was unable to get it checked. light went off on its own then a couple days later the truck wouldnt start after sitting overnight. no noticeable symptoms prior to that. have no spark at the coil output. checked all fuses in both boxes all ok. was able to get a new coil and installed that still no spark. am thinking probably the crank position sensor or distributor pickup. i have 1 shot at getting parts shipped to my location but its going to take 2 days for stuff to get here. dont have access to a dodge mechanic or code scanner to verify problem have access to a gm mechanic but hes never worked on a dodge before. fuel delivery appears to be functional. do i go ahead and order both the crank sensor and the distributor pickup cost $200 im guessing yes as a just in case. and where exactly is the crank position sensor located on this truck the gm mech says they are usually on the front of the crank for gms but im not seeing anything in that area. the online parts stores list separate sensors for auto and manual tranny versions so im going to guess it may be located on the bell housing somewhere are there any other potential causes that im missing and should be looking at tia scott .