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Chevy diesel v Dodge diesel

From : sydney68

Q: anyone have any experience with aftermarket ignition systems like jacobs or msd i have a 87 dodge w100 that has a slight hesitation and was wondering if an ignition upgrade is what i need. thanks in advance guy .


From : tim miser

i only have the std. rear only abs. when i need to stop it doesnt! scary question do you have abs ill bet you do. if you have thats why you cant lock up. budd dick wrote my 97s brakes are dangerous when in a panic stop situation like im sliding on ice. no lockup.i just ordered a master cylinder 15/16 vs 1 on 97 & a booster for 10.5-31 x 15 tires off a 2000 durango. anybody see any problems with this replacement/conversion i noticed in 2000 dodge offered 11 rear drums as an option does anyone here have them on their dakota or have an opinion on converting mine i assume i would have to replace the preportioning valve also anything else besides backing plates w/ shoes etc.& drums cables from doaner truck. i know disc would be better but cost is too high. dick .

From : bob doe

search for kellog motors in id they sell @ low prices .

From : eldon jons

may not be applicable but my wifes dodge minivan threw a few belts in a short period of time and it turned out to be a combination of a water pump about to go bad bearing locking up and an idler pulley that needed to be replaced. never had another problem with it. .

From : mike simmons

thanks man take care they are under $200 rebuilt just did mine.. i have no time to do myself... now on to a few new ball joints... @130k.. jr on mon 28 jul 2003 235057 gmt crooked-ridez wrote are these units rebuildable i have a pretty bad leak on one of the seals but would like to know what would be cheaper new or rebuild it myself thanks .

From : bob doe

my 02 dakota has the same problem with the same brake setup. i can 2 foot the brake pedal and the fronts wont lock unless thay are on ice or snow. kevin campbell then you need to have it towed to the shop. you have serious problems if the front disks wont lock. budd dick wrote i only have the std. rear only abs. when i need to stop it doesnt! scary question do you have abs ill bet you do. if you have thats why you cant lock up. budd dick wrote my 97s brakes are dangerous when in a panic stop situation like im sliding on ice. no lockup.i just ordered a master cylinder 15/16 vs 1 on 97 & a booster for 10.5-31 x 15 tires off a 2000 durango. anybody see any problems with this replacement/conversion i noticed in 2000 dodge offered 11 rear drums as an option does anyone here have them on their dakota or have an opinion on converting mine i assume i would have to replace the preportioning valve also anything else besides backing plates w/ shoes etc.& drums cables from doaner truck. i know disc would be better but cost is too high. dick .

From : redneck tookover hell

yes it is possible. go to my car used to burn plug wires every 10k put a set of msd wires on there 80 bux! and never had a problem again. carl ok after several trips to the dealer a couple months ago and several repairs that didnt fix the problem i replaced the distributor cap rotor and plug wires again....... truck is a 98 ram 1500 4x2 360 3.92ls with 88000 miles. we tow a 25 5th wheel with it. i initially replaced the cap rotor and wires with napa stuff last fall. got the lifetime cap and lifetime belden/federal mogul wires. couple months later the check engine light was on and several trips to the dealer culminated with them telling me there was a problem with either or all of the distributor cap rotor and/or wires - which at that time had about 5000 miles on them. so i got a dodge performance cap and rotor and replacement wires from napa. i did everything one at a time to see what would affect the idle miss. cap and rotor did nothing but when i put the new wires on the miss went away and the light went out....... for about a month............ the miss is back and the light is back on as of last weekend. one thing ive noticed is that all the convolute covering on the wires gets totally melted away when we tow. i presume the additional heat on the exhaust manifold is just hot enough to melt the stuff. the wires are routed as per the tsb for the 98 trucks so the wires are well clear of the manifold and each other but the black plastic has melted both times on these wires....... is it possible that the heat thats melting the convolute is also causing the wires to break down such that theyll sometimes cause a miss and thus the check engine light to come on do i just have to give up on the napa/belden wires and go to something else .

From : tbone

tbone wrote closet boy huh. what was that you were talking about with the gay insults......oh yea if you use them you must be one. are you trying to come out of the closet oh come on closet boy cant you come up with your own material instead of copying mine. copying yours oh please. you have been doing that to me just about the entire time. hell you even copied my accusation of you copying me. funny how closet boy didnt appear until i started calling you puppet boy. hell just about every insult you have come up with is at best a lame copy of something that i said about you. then you started the homo references after i let out your little secret about the size of your little weewee. i guess that you figured it would scare me away from revealing a little sore point of yours lol. about the only thing that you didnt copy off of me was your admitting to the fact that you are really nothing more than a pointless common troll. that one you managed to do completely on your own. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : redneck tookover hell

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From : mike simmons

loosen dont remove! all the bolts and tap it gently with a rubber mallet and stand back! make sure you have an adequate drain pan underneath it. chryco service manager member sae hi all i am in need of assistance rather quickly. are there any secrets to removing the transmission pan on an 01 dakota with the 3.9. i have half the bolts out and it wont budge. thanks in advance brad .

From : eldon jons

gents it aint mitsu its isuzu! mike iirc mitsubishi designed it for gm and based the design of their truck motor. then gm made some changes.... -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving me wrote have you noticed that gmc hasnt had many ads out for the duramax lately they screwed up all the motors they bought from mitsubishi and they wont honor the warranties cuz gm wrecked them would you care to explain how mitsubishi and the duramax are related sheesh! .

From : Annonymous

dont turn the steering wheel all the way to the left or right as the case may be i am looking for ways to limit steering travel on my 2000 dakota as my 33s rub slightly on the frame. dealer tells me they are not available. anyone have advice on how to limit the travel .

From : eldon jons

and yet smarter than you. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving ummm apparently not yuo and ol t-boner are a good fit. both dumber than dirt . i understand the law in regard to clearance lights on dual wheel vehicles. .

From : tim

phxbrd wrote how does the dealer explain the 11.1 mpg new engine tightness shouldnt matter that much should it i dont like the sound of that... my 2001 5.9l increased about 5mpg from new till about 15k. thats a totally new one for me. ive never heard that and ive always gotten almost exactly what the sticker claimed right from the beginning. am i the only one .

From : trey

but the suvs of the time were nothing compared to what they are today bullshit!! you spin faster than a liar at a tall tale convention. virtually every suv i mentioned has exactly the same body and engine options today as it had in 1997. lol nice try max. i see that you are learning the art of specific wording. it is more than the body and engine that makes the suv what it now is like car like suspensions mulit-zoned climate controls heated leather seats multi-changer cd players lcd tvs power memory seats and pedals and all of the other things absolutly required in a sport utility vehicle. funny though it sounds more like im describing a luxury car imagine that. but even more important what was the percentage of them as compared to other traffic. im sure that figure is available from nhtsa the same people that the other data was from. perhaps they are and perhaps they significantly weaken the argument and therefore were left out. funny how that article didnt bother to mention that or was it that they were afraid to do so. nhtsa has its own agenda just as the epa. while true neither the nhtsa or the epa wrote it. again i find it amusing that when the issue is higher mpg standards the epa and nhtsa are cool with you but when facts that they have gathered make you look silly then suddenly they are lacking in their credibility. you need to re-read the article. neither one wrote it and the facts used from the nhtsa to write it are incomplete at best. perhaps that is why they were never published. learn how to read there maxiboy i said like midsized and large suvs yup and clinton said is. more spin on your part. not spin at all max it was like as in larger vehicles such as possibly pickups and who knows what else. the point is that 43% of the deaths are unaccounted for in this article. what were they alien abductions could be but since the deaths caused by suvs are accounted for you cannot simply lump the unaccounted deaths into a category which is already defined. wrong they specifically said medium and large suvs. what about the small ones. you do know that some of the smallest suvs actually fit into the small as a neon catagory and probably make up some of those deaths. again this is full of incomplete information. bullshit. no it isnt stop deluding yourself. lol learn a new word yep - lol i should know better than to argue sciences with a moron but what the hell. the regs cannot be based on distance alone it is impossible. lol thats our government doing its best to regulate the unregulatable at the behest of the liberals. what are you talking about the reg gives a maximum amount over a distance. the point pinhead is on what they based that maximum amount value on. no point is on the other end from the pinhead. damn wrong. toyota and honda both have hybrids on the market. hybrids are not full electrics and still require a secondary fuel source. but they still use another form of energy which you expressly denied. not completely and fyi most of them still use gas as their primary fuel source. furthermore propane has been used extensively as have alcohol and biodiesel. wake up already. really where is the infrastructure to support converting all vehicles to propane. at the same place the infrastructure exists to fuel homes using propane for heat factories using propane for heat and material handling forklifts distribution centers that use propane in delivery trucks fairly common and the distribution of propane is already well designed in place and can be scaled up to meet demand. hell suburban propane has been around for better than 30 years. this proves nothing. we are talking pure volume here. what is currently using propane in not suddenly going to stop. the production of propane would have to increase about 100 fold and that goes for the distribution network as well. when is this going to begin and is it even possible it is easy to make these claims when the vehicles are in such limited use. i guess you have no idea how much propane is used in industry for transport and distribution of product. compared to the number of gas and diesel vehicles on the road yes max it is extremely limited. prove how any of these technologies can be converted to the mass scale required and at the price that we are currently used to. easy propane is already sold by the truckload at a comparable price to gasoline and diesel fuel. that is because the supply meets the current demand. multiply the demand by 100 or so and watch what happens to the price. btw are you going to buy a truckload to fuel your vehicle it is distributed to many places including homes and factories and can be stored easily. yes the house that i am buying in nc is heated by propane but so what. how ofter does it need to be resupplied on

From : max340

just because you want something doesnt mean that you will or even should have it. but in this country you have the right to pursue those goals. pursuing goals and being gaurenteed them are two very different things. in your words its not a guarantee thats at stake but whether or not you will be denied it on the basis of doesnt mean that you will or even should have it. gee let me think about that for a minute............. wrong! just as the car companies have the right to sell what ever vehicle they want to and we as the driving public have the right to buy whatever we want to. now we both know that is a load of shit. its a load of shit only in your mind. anyone in this country can buy any vehicle they want if they have the means to do so. you have a vivid imagination max but we are talking about production vehicles. and even if they can buy it it doesnt mean that they can drive it legally on the public roads so what good is it. and the car companies can build any vehicle they want if they have the motivation to do so. anyone who thinks differently is deluding themselves. that is not completely true. we are talking about cars that are to be used on the public roadways and they cannot build and sell whatever they want in that case. duh the average american auto buyer has always wanted a larger vehicle. oh really then why werent the roads filled with ramchargers broncos and blazers through the late seventies flash they were. maybe you needed to take a look around back then. my familys smallest car was a valiant. maybe out there in hooterville where you live but here in civilization they were few and far between. and how did the little jap cars gain such a foothold due to a gas crisis. once it was over the car buying public went right back to larger cars. lol wrong. if that were true why were the bronco ii and little blazer built the jap cars were in huge demand during the 80s as well and i dont recall them making huge cars then either. part of serving us is protecting us wrong wrong wrong. so wrong it would be impossible to squeeze all the wrongness out of your head and install logic. the only protection the government should provide is national security using armed forces. back to that isolationist thinking again i see. then i guess that we should disband the police departments as well lol. only a liberal thinks the government should step in to save every schmuck who isnt smart enough to think about consequences. personal responsibility should not be subverted by government intervention. sure max anything that you say. perhaps you should watch the every now and then. the constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper with signatures on it and unless something exists to enforce what it says it is useless. the people themselves enforce it by taking action against the government using the rights it guarantees. you obviously failed government class in high school. lol you really do like to dream dont you. not according to crash tests. bigger vehicles always do better. yea against smaller ones. wrong. the crash tests are not vehicle vs. vehicle. again you lack the info you need to open your mouth. no shit sherlock but the article was referring to two different things and trying to make them seem as one. i dont recall seeing any crash data on the suvs in that article. maybe they dont do so well against the crash barrier either. the problem is that those crash test are complete bs. how many concrete blocks do you see rolling down the road. lol i see concrete walls around highways all the time. your lame claim is indicative of your lack of knowledge. funny most of the accidents that i see involve multiple cars not just cars and the dividers. i guess that it may be diffeent there in hooterville. which is why crash testing isnt done as randomly as your lame excuses. crash testing is done at 30-35 mph on all vehicles. against a fixed barrier. not even close to real world. lol how stupid are you i have to ask because you keep picking the parts of the test that are real world. like fixed barriers and concrete surrounding highways. it is seldom that a car will crash head on into the barrier get real max. that test only tests the general structural integrity of a vehicle not its complete crash worthiness. that information comes later in the form of accident reports and insurance claims. yet not a word about the test speed which is where the test fails reality. damn an obvious flaw and all you can do is run in circles yipping at the parts of the test that do parallel reality. lol the relative speed is about the only accurate part. perhaps you really should pick up a physics book and learn a little before making those claims. they are not trying to simulate a head-on collision and since the collision object

From : unemployabel

how many fucking times are you gonna post this shit hey all i have a 97 ram slt with original am/fm tape player in it! i was playing a tape comedian pablo francisco the other day and when i got home i just shut the truck off without ejecting the tape when i restart the truck later in the evening the tape doesnt play just the radio and i cant get the tape to eject. the last thing i want to do is destroy the tape to get it out of the player. any suggestions thank you caryv .