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Chevron vs. Valvoline oil

From : Annonymous

Q: also try disconnecting the ac clutch to see if it is blowing the fuse. they shouldnt be guessing as to what the problem is they should know for certain. blowing fuses are the easiest thing in the world to troubleshoot. my dodge dealer wants to charge me $1500 dollars to replace one of two or three junction boxes under my caravans dash board to correct a problem that is causing a fuse to blow that controls the caravans turn signals and blower to the cars a/c to not work. if i put a new 15 amp fuse in the car and start it up the fuse keeps blowing. even putting a higher amp fuse causes the fuse to blow also. as a result i have been driving around all summer without a/c and any turn signals just hand signals. the caravan is now out of warrantee. has anyone ever herd of this problem. $1500 sounds kind of steep to replace a junction box. do you think i should take it somewhere else and get a second opinion like maybe and car electrical specialist is the dodge dealer trying to rip me off --carl .


From : terra

would it be a fairly simple matter for me to get daytime running lamps working in my 1999 ram 1500 van with the 360 127 wheelbase would it be as easy as getting some mopar module and plugging it into an empty socket or more involved thanks. .

From : dave

im considering replacing my shocks on the 2k dak. i switched to 285/75/16s and the shocks are showing thier 72k miles. my truck is mostly an around the town driver but i take it on 2/3 1000 mile or more trips a year. i added a good bit of weight with a custom winch mount bumper and 9k warn winch hard tauneau bike rack and tool box. anyone try the edelbrocks trailmaster ssvs rancho rsxs thoughts on any of these think there is something better out there input is apreciated! sean rec.bicycles.marketplace .