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Check engine light question

From : kdf

Q: for those that want to run their cars. expires july 31. you can run this once per pc unless you delete the cookie - they you can run it as many times until it expires. http// .


From : kdftom lawrence

sorry that should read output speed sensor circut malfunction. -- kdf .

From : kdf

to make a long story short.......... the other day my check engine light came on. i do not notice anything different with my 1998 ram 1500 v-6 32000 miles but being cautious i went by a local car parts place who stuck on the code reader for free. the device came up with wa code p0720 what translates to output speed sensor current malfunction what is this where is this and why does not my haynes manual say anything about this. the closest thing is the vehicle speed sensor that i can find. and if i ignore this....will i screw up my truck -- kdf . 222 264979 jerry i just sent a reply to your previous reply. i suggest you read it carefully if you havent yet. budd jerry wrote beekeep wrote now now jerry this is what you have to look forward to when you get old. he cant raise hell at home or the kids will put him in a nursing home. he has the attention span of an ant so he cant play cards at the senior center. his sex life is like shooting pool with a piece of rope being a worthless sack of shit is the only thing he does well so let him do it it keeps him occupied between depends changes. posting anything positive helpfull or pleasent just isnt in him. only thing i know for sure is even when you try to ignore him eventually he will start taking shots at you. you laugh and continue to ignore but as soon as you respond back he starts this crying and whining thing about we have to resolve this problem between us. heaven help you if he considers you a friend and you should disagree with him. your in his shit book real fast then. even in this thread where myself t-bone and max are trading shots everyone knows the players who is right who is wrong who is bull shitting and who actually starts and keeps the crap rolling. myself i can get in the mud with the best but do tend to get bored rather easily as is the case now ........... but budd i dont know. maybe i missed something during these last 4 years ive been around here. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .