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Check Engine Light AGAIN

From : carl saiyed

Q: yeah hit oughta lass fever hit dunt mek nuff powah or turn nuff rpms to put no stress on de motah. lo rpm torq daz whut dey all say when dey gits dey butts kicked! ken u magin how dry dem oil fiels wud be ifn ever body driv a 5.9! .


From : redneck tookover hell

gotta give you about a minus 2 for trying troll here in sc a dodge has no trade in value. a dodge with 30k is worth the same as a 130k chevy. the only difference in having a dodge and having aids is that you almost have to die to get rid of it. always has been always will be. .

From : Annonymous

youd probably come out better if you get them painted. check this guys post he might be able to tell you what it cost. http// i was thinking i could get them all done for $200 or less..... any thoughts .