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From : axel ulrich

Q: the difference is that when clinton was saying it it was to some degree true and we didnt go into an endless war over it. the fact is that bush said that he knew they existed and that saddam was an immediate threat to this country and it was all complete bullshit. and while george was being all polictically correct and trying to build a coalition of the bought off saddam had plenty of time to do this. and if youll recall gulf war 1 he moved some of his best migs to iran who refused to return them after the war. http// a senior syrian journalist reports iraq wmd located in three syrian sites 06 january 2004 afp nizar nayuf nayyouf-nayyuf a syrian journalist who recently defected from syria to western europe and is known for bravely challenging the syrian regime said in a letter monday january 5 to dutch paper de telegraaf that he knows the three sites where iraqs weapons of mass destruction wmd are kept. the storage places are iraqs wmd locations in syria click for images of iraqs wmd location in syria -1- tunnels dug under the town of al-baida near the city of hama in northern syria. these tunnels are an integral part of an underground factory built by the north koreans for producing syrian scud missiles. iraqi chemical weapons and long-range missiles are stored in these tunnels. -2- the village of tal snan north of the town of salamija where there is a big syrian air force camp. vital parts of iraqs wmd are stored there. -3-. the city of sjinsjar on the syrian border with the lebanon south of homs city. nayouf writes that the transfer of iraqi wmd to syria was organized by the commanders of saddam husseins special republican guard including general shalish with the help of assif shoakat bashar assads cousin. shoakat is the ceo of bhaha an import/export company owned by the assad family. in february 2003 a month before americas invasion in iraq very few are aware about the efforts to bring the weapons of mass destruction from iraq to syria and the personal involvement of bashar assad and his family in the operation. nayouf who has won prizes for journalistic integrity says he wrote his letter because he has terminal cancer. dear nizar. we received confirmations that the iraqi weapons which were moved to syria by the help of general zoul-himla chalich are now hidden in three places inside syria first place a tunnel dug in the mountain close to the al-badah village which is roughly two kilometers from misyaf village. this place is under the 489 safety cipher documents office control . second place the factory of the air armed forces in the village of tal sinan between the town of hama and salamiyyah. this factory is under the air force control. third place the location of shinsar 40 kilometers south of homs two kilometers east of the homs - damascus road. there are underground tunnels there controlled by brigade 661 of the armed air forces. it is a brigade of air patrol. the tunnels are several tens of meters deep. the weapons were transported in large wooden cases and barrels under the supervision of the general zoul-himla chalich and the son of his brother assef who works at al-bachaer company. the company is owned by the assad family and has offices in beirut damascus and baghdad. this company also undertook the illegal iraqi oil importation in syria and supplied weapons to saddam. i will try to send you all the new information as i get . take care and be safe. http// photos point to removal of weapons by bill gertz the washington times u.s. intelligence agencies have obtained satellite photographs of truck convoys that were at several weapons sites in iraq in the weeks before u.s. military operations were launched defense officials said yesterday. the photographs indicate that iraq was moving arms and equipment from its known weapons sites said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. according to one official the national geospatial-intelligence agency known as nga documented the movement of long convoys of trucks from various areas around baghdad to the syrian border. since when do two trucks make a convoy. and when the inspectors said that they couldnt find anything if youll recall saddam declared all the interesting areas palaces and forbid entry. and after we entered anyway most of them were in fact what he said. oh thats right the russians hid them lol. he still rushed us in there completely unprepared before the american people completely turned against his idiotic plans that included no exit strategy at all. hell we still dont have a valid one and we never will. and what was the exit stategy in post wwii japan do you know how many years we were there no you dont but ill give you time to look it up so you can pretend


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everything i find is in the 150 - 200 doller range anything cheaper out there .

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tbone wrote what a complete load of shit. unless these companies created as many if not more new jobs due to outsourcing then they outsourced then it does nothing for the american public. though the pace of u.s. job creation has quickened recently some benedict arnold companies are still being criticized for outsourcing work from the united states to other countries. u.s. manufacturers have outsourced operations to countries such as china to lower wage costs and escape from high taxes burdensome government regulations and intransigent unions at home. for similar reasons service jobs in information technology it are outsourced to india. less well known though is that increased economic globalization has caused jobs to move to the united states as well as away from it. and because of the higher increasing productivity of american workers the jobs that move here pay more than the ones that leave. outsourcing versus insourcing. countries around the world are outsourcing their jobs to the united states in huge numbers according to the organization for international investment * for the past 15 years corporations have moved jobs to the united states at a faster rate than jobs have left for an 82 percent increase in insourced jobs compared to a 23 percent increase in outsourced jobs. * manufacturing jobs have been insourced at an even faster pace than service jobs more than doubling over the period though beginning from a smaller base. * jobs insourced to the united states increased from 4.9 million in 1991 to 6.4 million in 2001. insourced jobs pay 16.5 percent more than the average domestic job and one-third of them are in the manufacturing sector. these include plants that assemble german and japanese automobiles and produce pharmaceuticals. contrary to the widespread perception we are not manufacturing fewer goods than we used to; in fact americans are producing more goods than ever before. manufacturing employs a smaller percentage of american workers because other sectors of the economy have grown faster and manufacturing requires fewer workers today because of the phenomenal increase in workers productivity. for evidence on the health of u.s. manufacturing see ncpa brief analysis no. 456 the state of u.s. manufacturing. american companies generally outsource work to india or china that requires little skill or training. the high-end work and wages stay here; but in fact they might not be retained if the stateside work were not augmented by outsourced functions in lower-cost countries. furthermore workers freed up from routine tasks that have been outsourced are often redeployed within the company to higher paying jobs or on projects that generate greater value-added services or products. the u.s. department of commerce reports that in 2003 the united states bought $77.38 billion in services from foreign countries and sold $131.01 billion to them. thus we exported nearly $54 billion more in services including legal work computer programming telecommunications banking and engineering than we imported. moreover this surplus was responsible for the addition of 400000 jobs in 2003. the benefits of outsourcing. contrary to popular belief abundant evidence shows that american consumers workers and businesses are benefiting from outsourcing. increase in product availability. an institute for international economics study by catherine mann notes that globalization of computer hardware manufacturing led to a 10 to 30 percent decline in prices making such equipment more affordable and leading to a far greater increase in jobs in the long run. stronger u.s. job demand. mann believes globalization of information technology it services will yield even stronger job demand in the united states for workers with it proficiency and skills. indeed she notes that overall employment in job classifications most affected by it service outsourcing is rising not falling. competitive gains for small businesses. researchers have also found that small firms and new startups gain more from outsourcing than large corporations. the latter have managerial structures that hinder their ability to take full advantage of outsourcings benefits. smaller and younger companies can easily organize themselves to utilize outsourcing thereby gaining sales and competing better in todays global marketplace. rising standards of living. indians now doing jobs outsourced from america are seeing a rapid rise in their wages and standard of living. in the process they are becoming more like americans which is translating into demand for american goods and lifestyles. thus according to the mckinsey global institute for every $1 outsourced the economic gain to the united states as a whole is $1.12 to $1.14; whereas the country to which a job is outsourced gains just 33 cents. the future of outsourcing. earlier this year the senate adopted a measure that wou

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you had no problems taking a $5000 or more hit in interest for the bank. why do care if you lose more money because of some guy one was due to my choice the other due to someone elses negligence. -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .

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