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Careful where you park that work truck!

From : azwiley1

Q: dodge3500 wrote 1999 3500 cummins cruise control stopped working. press cruise and lights up on dash will not set resume etc. i know there are a lot of inputs/outputs to make the cc work is any one a higher failure item than any other such as tps etc truck is still running fine with no transmission weirdness or anything else. any help appreciated. hmm...possibly the brake pedal switch. if its sending a signal out that the brake pedal is depressed then cc will not work at all. do not know about dodge but it is a common failure on other vehicles. .


From : gwb

as slow as mine is and since there are only two vehicles involved i a excited to say my 4.7 would definitely come in third. - how well would the 4.7 do pretty good - it would come in second. .

From : anon

and the need for a 4-5000lb truck to do well in the quarter mile would be on 29 jun 2003 063921 gmt bubkat05 wrote how well would the 4.7 do .

From : trey

ive been feeling lucky - maybe a bit cocky. i have 99650 miles on my 1500/5.9 4x4. unlike the results of many this truck has been extremely reliable - the transmission still shifts as solid as when new! however i think she is feeling a bit emotional. one of my errands today was to visit the local dodge dealership since ive been contemplating getting an 03 hemi or cummins. she must have been jealous. as i was leaving one stop getting ready to head to the dealer the abs light and brake light came on upon starting the truck. the light stays on at all times while the engine is running. what should or can i do taking it to the dealer is the last thing i want to do - right after visiting the dentist to get a root canal. no work has been recently performed on the truck that would/could affect this. i appreciate any insight as to what i can do to fix this. please dont tell her but shes still going to get replaced by a younger and more powerful model with a few less blemishes. weve had a really good relationship but its time to move on. tia lee bower .

From : turbowink73

little one-horsepower. i know its tempting to feel that should be true but if you really like analysis then do the homework. avg windspeed in this part of the country is about 8 mph. use reasonable assumptions to calculate how close to head-on this would have to be in order to require a 1-hp increase in propulsive work. for consistency with the example weve been debating assume an average ground speed of 60 mph. suppose a steady 8mph headwind costs an extra *x* worth of drag over an entire trip. if the wind were 16mph over half the trip and calm the other half youd also have an average 8mph wind. if the wind were 32mph over a quarter of the trip youd still have an average 8mph wind. would the extra drag be *x* in each case for the steady 8mph case airspeed is 68mph a 13% increase. drag increases 28%. for the 16mph case airspeed is 76mph for half the trip a 27% increase. drag increases 60%. average drag increase for the trip is 30%. for the 32mph case airspeed is 92mph for one fourth of the trip a 53% increase. drag increases 135%. average drag increase for the whole trip is now 34%. fyi this is important because the prevailing winds on that round trip will be mostly crosswinds. check an nrel map. tried found nuttin from them. youre not letting headwind and tailwind components on that round trip cancel out leaving mostly crosswinds are you prevailing winds are out of the southwest figure a 70% headwind component at least. plus on the return trip your flat-road consumption is reduced by that same amount as you substitute gpe for engine work. 2x the amount of gas used by that loaded 1-hp engine is quite a noticeable difference in economy! but you also compared each trip west and east individually to a normal trip and said you noticed a difference. so you can cut that 2x in half. its 2x when comparing the outbound path to the incoming which makes it twice as easy to notice. yabbut i got worse than normal mileage going west uphill and better than normal mileage going east downhill also makes that bit half as easy to notice. ill have to see it myself before i believe it. give it a try if you get the chance it will certainly be an eye-opener. do your best to observe the same driving habits both ways and use a trip where you just hit the road and drive avoid detours through town sightseeing other factors that would randomize the results. hopefully you arent driving a 10-mpg guzzler that would bury your results my trips were in a nissan that got about 25 mpg. also be sure that you arent fooled by the headwind/tailwind factor on whatever loop you choose. then dig up this thread and re-post with your data. im in so. calif and i only like driving north. i dont want to see new mexico or texas again unless its looking out an airplane window from 30000 feet. best regards martin . 222 262653 by recent purchase i presume that you have just purchased the dak as a used vehicle correct yes i purchased it used. i will call a dealer next week. thanks for the help. .