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Can I use water temperature gauge to display TRANSMISSION oil temp?

From : james1549

Q: my 2500 hemi gets about 15 mpg. and goes 0-130 real quick like. 130 in a pickup! now im beginning to understand why men generally pay more for vehicle insurance than women. .


From : roy

03 ram 1500 qc 4x4 grease fittings are there any changed oil and rotated tires 135 ft lb. on the lugs is that correct scott .

From : james1549

i have not had this problem with a dodge yet but have with a few smaller gm cars. the only way i found to get the air out of the heater core was to use a garden hose. i disconneted both heater hoses at the eng and ran water through the core. the fast flow of the water caused the air tobe forced out. i immediately reconnected the hoses and then filled the system with the proper amount of anit-freeze for the correct mixture. it has worked everytime so far. that gurgling sound can be very annoying. james1549 .