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CTD Clutch M/S replacement

From : fmb

Q: today twice when i have the clutch petal to the floor and stop the truck there doesnt seem to be an issue till i take the foot off the brake to move it over to the go pedal and im already moving. the clutch is not totally disengaged. it also feels a bit like a leaky master or slave not sure which as neither is giving an outward clue. im going to change out the clutch master/slave duo. the original lasted 145k miles on my 03 ho and wouldnt mind replacing it with stock but the one dealer i called said it would take up to 3 days for the part to come in. this was after i told him i had to be on the road to topeka wednesday afternoon. so ill call other dealers looking for an in-stock part. i want the duo cause it doesnt need to be bled and i dont have to guess what part was bad master or slave. i see south bend has an upgraded one and ill call them tomorrow and valaire also has one. anybody here done this 30 min job and have a preference i put on about 25-30k a year and pull the 25 5th about 3k a year except when i pulled it coast to coast to coast and when i drove it to alaska. both were 10k miles of pulling. oh and when in gear and at wot there is absolutely no noticible slippage on the original clutch . fmb north mexico .