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Brake Lights

From : capt820

Q: jesus i was just being sarcastic! you mean its true then again nothing is made here anymore nothing! its sickening! and do you know why a whole lot less is made in america nowadays the manufacturing base has been exported overseas well yes. but why has the manufacturing base has been exported overseas .


From : nitpik

thats an under-charge too. if you have any amount of liquid refrigerant in the system it will show normal static pressures but when you start the compressor and the system is short of charge you will see the symptoms you mentioned among others. i am having the exact same problem with my 98 ram. i used the gauges and it shows that there is pressure. when the ac kicks on the gauge drops way down and then the clutch kicks off and the pressure goes back up. i cant figure out the problem. any help oh please it is so hot in socal. patrick .

From : tbone

in us funds that is $1309.97 what a steal. looking to sell tires and rims together but will sell seperatly. 6 lug 16 rims and tires. tires - michelin ltx m/s brand new rims - american racing pythons polished aluminum quoted to buy from canadian tire $2500.00 tax included lug nuts caps tires and rims all for sale for $1800 can for more info or to make an offer send e-mail to or call 506-867-5537 ask for aaron happy truckin .

From : ace

that fact that the system has been dead for a while and has a bad seal too i woul have the seal repaired and the system evacuated and recharged. it need to be vacumed down anyway becuae it has been open for so long it may have air and moisture in it too. no quick fix here sorry. accumulator .