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Bosch +4 plat plugs and MPG..

From : mr m

Q: ive replaced my air idle valve on a 1998 4x4 with 318. is there a specd length for the plunger thanks .


From : denny

thanks budd! mike mike sorry to hear about your son. please wish him a speedy recovery from me and my family. well keep him and his crew in our prayers. budd mike simmons wrote mac yeah hes ok. his lav was hit by an rpg and he got a shrapnel wound to the right arm. it severed some tendons and damaged the ulnar nerve at his wrist. he still has no feeling in his pinkie or ring finger on his right hand and he cannot grasp anything with his right hand. he is going to physical therapy three time a week at the naval hospital at camp lejeune. the docs say that there is about a 70 per cent chance he will make a full recovery. he was wounded on april 1st and we and he are learning that nerve and tendon damage take a loooong time to heal. mike on fri 20 jun 2003 194330 -0500 mike simmons wrote wow.. sorry to hear that mike! is he ok our son just got here this morning on leave from ft. lewis... he feels bad about not going to iraq but were glad the armys sending him to emt school instead.. mac we had a trip planned but had to cancel at the last minute. my son mike jr. had a chance to come home for a few days on convalescent leave after he was wounded in iraq. we couldnt pass up the chance to visit with him. mike on fri 20 jun 2003 042304 -0500 mike simmons wrote oh.. i thought you went on the big trip last month! the truck/trailer are a good match tho mac the new truck is great! so far ive got about 6k on it and have towed the rv twice on short trips. ive got several short trips planned this summer and then we will tow it to nc in september. sure do like the new cummins though! mike on wed 18 jun 2003 152024 -0500 mike simmons wrote mike.. i was sure you were going to come up with a mopar part number.. *lol* how was your trip in the new truck ig you are well served to follow the advice of jacob and mac. the adhesive designed for rear view mirrors has a uv inhibitor added which keeps the uv rays from degrading the adhesive. anything else wont last as long. chryco service manager member sae ignoramus23432 ignoramus23432@nospam.23432.invalid wrote in message what is the best glue to reglue the rearview mirror that fell off. would epoxy from walmart work well i .

From : trey

thanks for the info ... i put in a little over 6 quarts .. man that dipstick is so hard to read thats why its nice to know exactly how much it takes. well the only way i notice the other shift points is that on some grades it downshifts from 4th but it doesnt go down to 3rd. i have also noticed i think that it does the same in 3rd so i think its a 6 speed .. but most references to it are either 5 speed or multispeed ... sheesh. i never notice the half gears on an up-shift. cant get a filter kit from napa az chckr or pbs they keep giving me the wrong one. its always something. id like to reprogram the shift points because those 1/2 gears would be nice to be able to get into and stay in for longer amounts of time than the way they are now ... i live in the mountains and with the 3.55 rear end it just doesnt take advantage of the half gears. if you have an auto trans do you have five noticable shift points or six shift points while moving forward if you can feel six then you have a five speed with a five speed the trans computer has probaly been reprogrammed at one time anyway. the proper way to set trans fluid level on a 4.7 with and auto is by fluid temp and level on stick i have found that replacing both filters the trans takes a hair under 7 quarts of atf type 4 becareful of the new seal for the primary trans filter it can be difficult to install if you dont pay attention. good luck bryan .

From : jacob suter

i have to disagree with you about the truck plugs. i have used the oem autolite botch platinum single tip and the champion truck plugs. i did not notice any difference in performance at all. if there was it was a matter of one or two mpg. i do know that with the split fire or the 4+ there is only so much current and there is not enough current to jump to two different locations so that is a a waste. then for the platinum. its a poorer conductor then the copper. however it lasts longer then the copper. that is why all the cars come with platinum now. not for better performance but for longer change intervals. i have a set of ngk plus sitting on my desk... i need to install them... but what is the point its not like they are going to wow me with amazing power gains. they are one range colder than oem so i guess that would be good for the summer... i guess i should change them... hey what is the life of the plug wires how many miles maybe i should change those out this week... have seen many problems with putting anything but what is called for by the emisions sticker. if the vehicle was not engineered for platinum plugs there is a good chance you are going to cause some wierd side affects like poor gas mileage or run rough or misfires at idle. i have also seen problems with the champion truck spark plugsthe black and gold ones causing similar problems. should have spent the eight dollars and got the champs copper plugs. good luck bryan just did a routine tune up and decided to give these new fangled bosch +4 platinum plugs a try. they have twice the spark and the gap is pre-set at the factory. they were pretty expensive 8 of them was $30 at walmart. it seems to me my mpg has dropped quite a bit. i have not calculated it but it just seems this last tank of gas went awful quick. does anyone else have experience with these plugs good or bad i am thinking i may need to go back to champion plugs. mark .

From : kevin

i have a 1973 dodge 23 motorhome that has a blown engine. i just aquired an 1976 california model dodge 15 motorhome. both have the 360 with the 2 barrel. the 23 has a blown engine the 15 engine is good. any problems with swapping motors any special hints to help me any suggestions .

From : michael hunter

hello the only differences are in emission controls if any and you can keep the ones used on the 23 if you dont tell anyone you swapped engines. im not familiar with the emissions laws in your location but most of the laws i have read about indicate that you are fine if you have installed the same type of motor and it is either the same year or newer. the main issues that they are usually concerned with is that all the original emissions equipment is installed original to vehicle in use and that the engine is the same type and not older than the vehicle it is installed in. i have done numerous engine transplants on several different vehicles no dodges yet and have found that in every case the engine went in regardless of whether it was the original size or configuration for that vehicle all my transplants have been v8 for v8 of similar or different size. usually the main concerns are motor mounts positioning length and such. with your transplant candidate being the exact same block i would not anticipate any trouble. the california package may have a slightly different header / exhaust system usually involves compressors or air injection but the block itself should be identical to what you have in the other vehicle. michael hunter ---------------------------------------------------------- 8-bit designs http// innovative hardware accessories services and support. free information resources and how-to articles. serving the loyal 8-bit community. ---------------------------------------------------------- .