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"Bondo or Filler" to patch up a dent?

From : steve

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From : wooduuuward

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From : tbone

a dent is usually not very big and doesnt break the paint seal. take off the inside door panel and have a friend hold a smooth ended 2 x4 against the dent from the outside. you use a smaller piece of wood and a good size hammer or small sledge to pop the dent out. if youre careful you may not even crack the paint. if the paint cracks wax the area immediately. if the paint pops off or is loose then youll have to spot touch up. steve wrote i know a guy who can use bondo or filler to patch up a dent. its a heck of a lot cheaper than having new skins put on a dent in the door and on another small panel. is this worth it will the bondo or filler last .