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Better shocks? Edelbrock/Trailmaster/Rancho?

From : iamgoode

Q: i would take it to a automotive electrical specialist. they can pinpoint the problem rather than guess as the dealers often do when it comes to electrical problems. if it doesnt generate a computer code error dealers are often lost imho. carl s. wrote my dodge dealer wants to charge me $1500 dollars to replace one of two or three junction boxes under my caravans dash board to correct a problem that is causing a fuse to blow that controls the caravans turn signals and blower to the cars a/c to not work. if i put a new 15 amp fuse in the car and start it up the fuse keeps blowing. even putting a higher amp fuse causes the fuse to blow also. as a result i have been driving around all summer without a/c and any turn signals just hand signals. the caravan is now out of warrantee. has anyone ever herd of this problem. $1500 sounds kind of steep to replace a junction box. do you think i should take it somewhere else and get a second opinion like maybe and car electrical specialist is the dodge dealer trying to rip me off --carl .


From : jerry

iamgoode wrote im considering replacing my shocks on the 2k dak. i switched to 285/75/16s and the shocks are showing thier 72k miles. my truck is mostly an around the town driver but i take it on 2/3 1000 mile or more trips a year. i added a good bit of weight with a custom winch mount bumper and 9k warn winch hard tauneau bike rack and tool box. anyone try the edelbrocks trailmaster ssvs rancho rsxs thoughts on any of these think there is something better out there input is apreciated! sean rec.bicycles.marketplace edelbrock gets frequent mention in the explorer group. the verdict there is that theyre good for a very short while then they turn to mush. those guys like monroe reflex. .

From : james tomalonis

im unsure of which model of transmisson i have. it is an automatic and i removed the shield adjacent to the oil pan. the pan hangs about 1/4 to 1/2 on the transmission. it doesnt seem to be caught on anything but the transmission. thanks guy guy which engine and trans do you have did you remove the dust shield lower cover from the bell housing budd guy lee wrote hello im having quite a problem removing my oil pan. i removed the bolts from the pan and the bars that are connected to the transmission. i also removed the starter and then jacked the engine per the haynes manual to about 3 off of the motor mounts. the pan is lowered on the crossmember and cant get the lip over the bottom of the transmission bell housing. im stumped here--should i need to remove the engine to get it to fall any help would be appreciated. guy .

From : m g

have a about my 1999 durango 5.9 slt. the other day the check engine light came on stopped by autozone and they read it out to be code 720- output speed sensor failure.. then it got very sluggish starting and then it just cranked but not firing. if you pushed the gas when cracking it would start and run but as soon as you left off the gas it would shut off. then i tried to crank it normally a few minutes later and it started fine. sorry confusing isnt it.... nope...batterys toast...get a new one and be ready for it to stumble for a couple of secs and then clear up... thanks in advance john .

From : dick

i was informed that rust through warranty means exactly that rust through. you know like a hole. that is the only way it will be covered. i had the same problem on my 1995 dakota only on the bottom of the doors. i wash dry and wax the truck quite often. it is rust protected yearly by krown and only has 60 000 kms on it. what recourse do i have with this im not sure if the warranty that is now up should cover this or not. isnt there a longer period for corrosion dodge gives either a 5 or 7-year i think its five but it doesnt matter in your case 100000 mile rust-through warranty on outer body panels only. it sounds like your problem qualifies. talk to your dealer. .

From : jerry

yea if you say so - -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving ahem!!! and whats wrong with living in the south.....hmmmmmmm mike yall talk funny down thea. denny actually im lucky living in missouri being a border state. im bilingual i can speak suthun and yankee.... yall..... ^ lol!! and here i am stuck in ohio speaking normal english. g denny .

From : redneck tookover hell

the definition is at yep fits you what exactly makes people enviro-wackos .

From : john jacob

diesel! if you are going for the bigger truck you will be disappointed in fuel mileage on a regular gasoline engine.even the v-10 on fords it is a fuel leak loaded empty. also the duramax diesel is foreign and has aluminum blocks stay away from the fire! and you wont get burned dodge has the cummins diesel and if you like going slow and not pulling much weight go there. the f-250 or f-350 is a truck! im cross-posting here to try to solicit your opinions on the type of trucks you drive. im in the market to buy a new truck and am just now starting to compare my choices for the pros and cons. im considering the dodge ram 2500 ford f-250 and the silverado 2500 all 4 doors. i would like to hear from those that already own these models as to your likes and dislikes and also what you wish it had or didnt have as far as features and capabilities. also diesel vs. gasoline. im hoping to make a purchase within the next 7 to 10 days. im currently driving a 97 suburban and will be trading it. may also consider buying a new 03 or 04 suburban as well. any drivers out there willing to add your two-cents worth on this one thanks for your help and input. danny .

From : iamgoode

drl who would want that im glad i aint got em and if i had em id sure as hell disable em. i bet you drive around with your hazaed lights flashing when it rains too. *** post for free via your reader at *** robert westbrook wrote would it be a fairly simple matter for me to get daytime running lamps working in my 1999 ram 1500 van with the 360 127 wheelbase would it be as easy as getting some mopar module and plugging it into an empty socket or more involved thanks. robert -- if you get the answer to this please post -- ive recently gotten a 2001 maxi-wagon and would like the drl feature for it as well. thanks mark cronk -----= posted via uncensored usenet =----- http// - the #1 group service in the world! -----== 100000 groups! - 19 servers! - unlimited download! =----- .

From : steve meyer

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From : todd nonedick

lol guess he blew his load on his truck and has nothing left over. some other poster here shops for all his truck accessoriies at walmart and kmart im looking for some good web sites that deal in accessories. id prefer some personal references first and perhaps some out-of-the-norm places i wouldnt otherwise look at you know like the crappy looking chaos confusion and trouble!!!! my work here is almost done .

From : terra

anyone out there have a opinion on chevron premium 10/30 and valvoline 10/30 thanks didnt i just see this in the ford group also with those two choices thrown at me i really wouldnt care. just so long as they meet my vehicles requirements and type/quality. just change it regularly with a new filter at 3mo or 3k and your engine will appreciate it greatly. i have been using castrol gtx lately. figured that since it screwed up my clutches in my cycle its gotta be slicker than the penz i was running for 3 years. might as well toss it in the vehicles too. any ideas on running a straight weight in the summer in my truck like a 30 weight i guess the single vis oils have less additives in em so they tend to not gum/burn as multi-vis oils do. any thoughts other then if i forget to change it before the snow flies i will be late for work as the truck wont turn over. later. -dave .

From : dick

i did think it was too much thats why i put them on myself. i new the midas guy guess thats why he offered such a terrific deal ; redneck tookover hell at $35 a piece thats $70 a pair or $140 for 4 leaving $160 for labor. guess it depends on whether you think $40 a shock is too much for labor sensatracs go for $35 each here at oreillys. midas must be making a killing. --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.512 / virus database 309 - release date 8/19/2003 .