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From : Annonymous

Q: bushbaby wrote the difference is that bush was wrong. you know this how the wmds did exist. the question is where are they now not if they existed. did we find them while they may have existed it was up to the president to confirm that they still did before declaring war over them and he did not. that was irresponsible. here is one possibility. http// you must be joking. his words were based on the information he had at the time and as you said after the bombings there were still some weapons that were found and tagged and he had no way of knowing what happened to them and assumed that they were still there. as of the day clinton left office he stated intellegence showed the weapons to be in iraq. so are you saying on that day clinton was wrong more likely that the weapons were moved. or destroyed. who even when the most recent data coming in from the inspectors said that the weapons were not there so the bigger question is what happened to them rather than make a very wrong statement that they dont exist when it is known that they did. that was old intelligence. we needed to confirm that they still did and were actually accessible for them to be any threat and put our men and women in harms way. if this was such a great concern why was nothing done until after 9/11. .


From : leroy

roy wrote no it is reality the situation over there is and has been a friggin blunder from day 1 it hasnt been perfect but you seem to buy into the liberal doom and gloom garbage without digging deeper. hre you are with another label. the media only reports on doom and gloom topics. soldiers killed buildings blown up etc. make headlines for your type to eat up. there are more schools more power and more water services than prior to the war but those topics are not sensational enough for you to have interest in. yup our troops stand guard while halibuton steals bag of money. yup the iraqis would have to stand on there own. they cant do that now. i realize thats of no interest to you but you seem to have little knowledge of the impact that would have on the world and the usa. fighting our foks are getting blown away at road blocks. oh i see war is supposed to be all pretty where nobody gets hurt. good grief roy. people die on both sides of a war. miles thank you for pointing out what war is all about i never would have known. fighting is one thing checking cars at a road block and driveing around presenting a target is another. progress is being made but you ignore it because its not the doom and gloom headlines that you swallow. that is a normal reaction from anybody that has been in combat. you never ever want to leave your buddies. ever hear of brothers in arms yes but they go further than that type of statement. they also state clearly they are there to do a job and they will finish it even with the likes of murtha and you ranting against them. the policy miles the policy. yes miles i support out troops. no you most certainly do not support our troops. again miles it is you who are wrong. i think the policy sucks and we should say we screwed up and leave. that in no way indicates that i do not support the troops. you seem unable to separate the troops from the policy. is it only to substantiate your position in this if so im a little disappointed as i thought you had more on the ball. the only support they need and want is to help them to succeed and finish their job so they can come home. you do not offer that support. you are much like tbone who knows that failing to support is politically incorrect so instead you spin how you support them. if they do not want that type of support then it is not support at all. miles your idea of support is to support the friggin policy. ive yet to read a damn thing about your concern for the troops. your whole thing is if you dont support the policy and bush then you dont support the troops. am i wrong or is that your position. miles ya gotta look at the cost in lives both kia and wia. we are going to have another generation that is going to go through the same readjustment that people went through after vn. and a shit load didnt make the adjustment. the wounded are going to have it worse cause there are less facilities to aid them. just because a flag gets waved and they have a parade doesnt do much to heal. miles there are a few here that saw combat in vn and i know of at least one that still has nightmares every so often. ya damn well should start to broaden your thought on those that come home. what is bushs thought for them miles i deleted all the rest. imho your answer is to blame everybody but bush and the repubs. we all have a piece of this . anyway you can have the last. oh comparing me to your buddy tbone was a cheap shot. .