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From : don rupanovic

Q: st. george is a really nice place most places along i-15 are clean and crime free its a dry heat not like what you have out in nc. if you want to see what the current conditions are in st george ut try this link http// on wed 23 jul 2003 205936 gmt nathan w. collier wrote try southern utah or northern az. lots of areas for you to play in your jeep. wife can be a nurse at the hospitals and you can hvac. ive thought about areas like that dunno how id like the heat though. of course if you moved there id then have a good reason to meet the legendary nate since i live in southern ca kick ass.....ill be out that way sooner or later anyway will have to hook up and meet! i plan on running the rubicon trail with a few online friends from so cal. rather b. beachen .