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Bed caps + Bed rails + cargo box + tonneau = possible?

From : mopar man

Q: is it possible to have all of these items installed and work together - putco stainless steel bed caps and rails - cargo box preferably plastic - tonneau cover retractible 2001 dodge ram long box .


From : tom lawrence

is it possible to have all of these items installed and work together - putco stainless steel bed caps and rails - cargo box preferably plastic - tonneau cover retractible possibly first install the bedrail caps. no big deal here. second install the cargo box. i assume youre talking about a cross-over type of box that sits on top of the bed rails. then install the tonneau cover box/mechanism in front of the toolbox. this has to be the of the type that installs flush with the bed rails with tracks mounted to the vertical sections instead of sitting on top of the rails. if its a powered retractible tonneau the stops will need to be adjusted for the custom size shorter because of the toolbox. lastly the putco bars im assuming youre talking about the round stainless steel bars they offer will have to be cut to length and holes drilled in the bed rails for the front mounting elbow since theres no stake pocket to install it in covered up by the toolbox. now an alternative to this is to nix the cargo box and go with a pair of behind-the-wheelwell toolboxes that sit underneath the tonneau. this would allow the tonneau to cover the full length of the bed allow you to make the bars a little longer still need to be custom-cut to clear the tonneau box up front but at the expense of storage the two small toolboxes wont hold as much as a full-size crossover toolbox. .

From : trey

m g wrote tuns out the connector to the switch was loose and once i secured it with the clip no more problems. maybe yours is that way too. good luck! i have heard of several reports of the connector coming loose over at http// that has been the most common cause for the windows to stop working or to work only part of the time. .

From : deno24

well i can add my two cents buy saying i bought a 1st gen 4.7 probably had the first quadcab in my area. the truck has 90k on it and the only thing thats went wrong was a speeker and powersteering pump failure. the speeker was under warranty and the pump i bought used and installed myself for less than 200. dealer wanted 475. thats not a bad reliability record there for a 1st gen. and i would venture to say that the tests dont mean alot all new engines endure gruilling testing to ensure reliability the 4.7 was designed to run 150k without any failures. i find it very important for people to buy the first gen engines. people other than me that way everyone else can deal with the new engine problems so when i get around to buying the truck all the problems have been worked out.... so please! buy the first gen 5.7s! break them! bash them abuse them! i want all the problems worked out before i get one. ;- in a post i made regarding my deciding to go with 4.7l or hemi 2003 ram i received several emails saying to never buy a new model/generation engine. assuming you would inn effect be a guinea pig for all the problems the new engine will need twekaed. is this a myth i would suspect it makes some sense logically. i bought the hemi without considering this fact. love it...... so far ;^ is there anyone who has put a lot of miles on their hemi yet todd .

From : ram3

the poor mans way is to roll down the windows.... - no the poor mans way is to loosen things up with a long pipe cleaner and apply a suction sourse to pull the gunk out of the tube. i called the dealer they said it is like the a/c drain is blocked. i know the right way would be to take the whole thing apart clean it and re-assemble. the poor mans way would be to clear out the drain hole with compressed air right .

From : trey

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From : texasfireguy

thats what happened when i hit the muley with the valiant rolled right up on the hood. budd mike simmons wrote stephen ive heard that volvo tests for moose strikes too. when the first lh bodies came out circa 93 i heard stories that because of the profile of the body and during the braking nosedive a deer could be forced up the hood and through the windshield. i have not witnessed this personally but since momma has an lh it has always been of some concern. mike roy wrote glad to see that you are okay. there have been numerous problems with deer ill chime in on congrats for your survival. i suppose the new ram gets one new victory mark on the door for this encounter around here. moose further north have been coming through the windshield when hit. interesting story ive heard about saabs. dont know if its true but still a cool story. saab tests for moose actually caribou or reindeer i think hits which are apparently common in sweden. moose and caribou both have very long legs so the idea is in event of a collision the front end of the car is designed to allow the beast to slide up over the hood and windshield and over the car rather than through it! they have some sort of test dummy reindeer/moose/caribou that they test the vehicle with. hey like i said a great story no matter its truth! smh .