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Be Afraid, Very Afraid :-)

From : tbone

Q: im having problems starting my jeep when its cold.the security light comes onafter a few times trying to start itthen after about 20 secs.i can hear the fuel pump kick in.i checked all the fuses and relays and they seem to be seems this problem started after i installed a new battery.the dealer recently installed some sort of block on the tranny so it wouldnt shift to far even now i have to put it in neutral to start sometimes.please help! .


From : tbone i now have cable dsl and i cun mek musteaks mush fester naow. budd uh budd dsl and cable are two different things. you have one or the other. .

From : dale yonz

see http// for pictures. my wife had just left a stop sign and was driving approximately 30mph in a 35mph zone on a city street. a truck pulling out of a bank parking lot somehow didnt see my wife in her quad cab long bed 1 ton truck and he t-boned her. i used to do insurance..... if the idiot was coming off a private lot onto a public street you should have him by the short hairs hold his insurance companys feet to the fire .

From : budd cochran

yeah aint it da troot. -- max give a man a match and he is warm for a short while. light him on fire and he is warm for the rest of his life. actually its moot but hey why crack a dioctionary and learn anything $10 says you get busted for typoing dictionary - even though thats just a simple typo rather than a complete lack of understanding of the difference between two homophones. ah well.... .

From : budd cochran

thanks tom. its sure nice to download 15 mb in 15 minutes rather than close to 4 hours!!! yea my sister took the one month free deal from her cable company for high speed internet access and figured that she would say no at the end. i laughed at her and said that once i set it up she will be hooked and sure enough the first time she used it she was. just remember this is an always on connection so unless you power your pc on and off after every use you are vulnerable to attack. if you are using xp make sure that its firewall is updated and activated and if not i would suggest that you pick up either some firewall software of a cable router to hide behind. but they dont offer a server so its google groups until i find a good free server. i was wondering why your responses were without the origional text. good free servers are hard to find but the one joe mentioned seems to work ok although a bit slow. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving it can be done in google by cut & paste but its a bother. my cable modem has a standby switch on top and i can turn-off the internet and still have the pc booted. budd .

From : budd cochran

on tue 15 nov 2005 150914 -0700 budd cochran wrote nothing to say tom vbg budd tom gotta ask again are you the tbone from arizona -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i now have cable dsl and i cun mek musteaks mush fester naow. budd .

From : tbone

bob m wrote first let me say i totally support our troops. but to answer your question no. i think bush is a lying idiot and we should have never gone into iraq. and now hes too stupid and stubborn to get us out of there. he keeps trying hard to save face and to make himself look better but all hes doing is showing us more and more each day how much of an idiot he really is. yes we should have gotten the job done under bush sr. liberals and the un didnt support it. you say he lied. then so did clinton and just about everyone in his administration and the liberals that cry now were just fine with him bombing iraq. dang hypocrites. i completely agree. it was in 98 that clinton sent cruise misles into iraq and claimed to have damaged weapons of mass destruction. http// transcript president clinton explains iraq strike clinton good evening. earlier today i ordered americas armed forces to strike military and security targets in iraq. they are joined by british forces. their mission is to attack iraqs nuclear chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors. their purpose is to protect the national interest of the united states and indeed the interests of people throughout the middle east and around the world. saddam hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms poison gas or biological weapons. i want to explain why i have decided with the unanimous recommendation of my national security team to use force in iraq; why we have acted now; and what we aim to accomplish. six weeks ago saddam hussein announced that he would no longer cooperate with the united nations weapons inspectors called unscom. they are highly professional experts from dozens of countries. their job is to oversee the elimination of iraqs capability to retain create and use weapons of mass destruction and to verify that iraq does not attempt to rebuild that capability. the inspectors undertook this mission first 7.5 years ago at the end of the gulf war when iraq agreed to declare and destroy its arsenal as a condition of the ceasefire. the international community had good reason to set this requirement. other countries possess weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. with saddam there is one big difference he has used them. not once but repeatedly. unleashing chemical weapons against iranian troops during a decade-long war. not only against soldiers but against civilians firing scud missiles at the citizens of israel saudi arabia bahrain and iran. and not only against a foreign enemy but even against his own people gassing kurdish civilians in northern iraq. the international community had little doubt then and i have no doubt today that left unchecked saddam hussein will use these terrible weapons again. the united states has patiently worked to preserve unscom as iraq has sought to avoid its obligation to cooperate with the inspectors. on occasion weve had to threaten military force and saddam has backed down. faced with saddams latest act of defiance in late october we built intensive diplomatic pressure on iraq backed by overwhelming military force in the region. the un security council voted 15 to zero to condemn saddams actions and to demand that he immediately come into compliance. eight arab nations -- egypt syria saudi arabia kuwait bahrain qatar united arab emirates and oman -- warned that iraq alone would bear responsibility for the consequences of defying the un. when saddam still failed to comply we prepared to act militarily. it was only then at the last possible moment that iraq backed down. it pledged to the un that it had made and i quote a clear and unconditional decision to resume cooperation with the weapons inspectors. i decided then to call off the attack with our airplanes already in the air because saddam had given in to our demands. i concluded then that the right thing to do was to use restraint and give saddam one last chance to prove his willingness to cooperate. i made it very clear at that time what unconditional cooperation meant based on existing un resolutions and iraqs own commitments. and along with prime minister blair of great britain i made it equally clear that if saddam failed to cooperate fully we would be prepared to act without delay diplomacy or warning. now over the past three weeks the un weapons inspectors have carried out their plan for testing iraqs cooperation. the testing period ended this weekend and last night unscoms chairman richard butler reported the results to un secretary-general annan. the conclusions are stark sobering and profoundly disturbing. in four out of the five categories set forth iraq has failed to cooperate. indeed it actually has placed new restrictions on the inspectors. here are some of

From : tbone

oops - nevermind. looks like youve already been down this path.... wanted dodge part #4358204 anyone plug that part# in here http// some kind of handle... $35 .

From : tom lawrence

oh well nosey sorry - but no cigar. after taking me all the way through the ordering process and accepting my order including payment data they sent me the following email re order number 12931142 thank you for ordering from 1st chrysler jeep & we regret to inform you that the following item is currently unavailable handle front st rise - discontinued please go to snip click on order status to view the current status of your order. if you have any questions contact our customer service department at 1-800-731-1022 and we will be happy to assist you. i am sorry these have been discontinued. thanks best regards 1st chrysler jeep & customer service you know this just bloody sucks. jdr flavius wrote help! my 89 ramcharger has a broken handle. specifically the handle on the back of the passenger seat which allows the driver to release the latch and let the seat tilt forward. my dodge dealer says he cant get it. so far my search of my local junkyards has been fruitless. the oem part number is 4358204. your kind assistance could be worth $. thanks! john robarts has it for $34.28. its listed as handle front st rise do i get a reward -- ken .

From : theguy

here we go again!! on tue 15 nov 2005 144235 -0800 theguy wrote something i saw on a forum that i just knew would interest everyone here. in reference to your question about air filters. k&n is best for flow restriction but hardly the best performer for removing particulate material from entering your engine. personally i would never use a k&n for a personal vehicle a race car maybe. anyway here are the results of the air filter tests that is posted at just sharing real data here. flow restriction from best to worst filter restriction in inches h2o k&n 4.54 mystery bargain filter 4.78 afe pro guard 7 panel 4.99 purolator 5.05 wix/napa 5.06 uni 5.40 baldwin 5.71 amsoil 5.88 ac delco 6.23 dirt holding capacityfrom best to worst. this is the amount of dirt it took to create an additional 10 inches of water restriction. at that point the test is terminated.this indicates how long a filter is good before it must be cleaned or replaced. ac delco 573.898 grams wix/napa 447.366 purolator 388.659 baldwin 388.154 uni 374.638 mystery bargain 350.402 afe pro guard 7 232.516 k&n 211.58 amsoil 196.323 total dirt passing the filter during the test. this is how much dirt your engine will take in if you use the filter for the duration that would cause the filter to become dirty enough to need replacement or cleaning. the dirt passing the filter is the dirt collected by the post filter during the test. filter dirt in grams passed ac delco 0.4 g baldwin 1.1g afe pro guard 7 1.8g mystery bargain 2.4g amsoil 2.7g wix/napa 4.4g purolator 5.0g k&n 6.0g uni 7.9g note the purolator was reported to have a seal malfunction during the test and passed more dirt than it would have with a good seal. so many garys and clydes leroy .

From : joe

like tom said if you are connecting your modem through a telephone jack then you have a dsl modem and if it is connected by a coax connection then it is a cable modem. where exactly are those band pass filters connected. that sounds a lot like a dsl setup if they are connected to your telephones. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving lets take a look joe . . . . the ethernet port on the pc is plugged into the cable modem the ethernet to cable modem thru bandpass filters is connected to the big silvery wire thingy on the big tall wooden fence post in the neighborss yard and then it goes out of sight in both directions but im told it goes to the company that supplies my cable tv precis communications up in price ut. so i have both cable and dsl and they come into my home on the same 75 ohm tv cable. what do i have if not cable dsl as advertised by precis budd .

From : budd cochran

those seats appear to be in great shape. i would think that there is someone who could use them. they should proabably fit all 1984 - 1990 chrysler minivans. -kirk matheson .

From : budd cochran

i told you to only play the ring toss . . .you stand a better chance with it of getting a prize. budd .