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Battery not charging

From : tim aberegg

Q: well the score is now simmons 1 deer 0! on the way to the shop this am at about 520 a large doe decided to end it all. i was cooking along about 65 minding my own business btw when from out of nowhere she leapt into the path of my new ram. wham! i saw her cartwheel across the left lane and into the median and as i continued on looking in my rear view mirror she did about 20 revolutions before coming to a halt in the grass. i continued on for about two miles to the shop and pulled into the parking lot and inspected the ram. amidst a puddle of power steering fluid i saw the grille front fascia bumperleft front fender and headlight smashed. when i raised the hood i saw the remains of the condenser intercooler and trans cooler along with the bottom half of the ps pump that was missing. i havent got the estimate from our body shop yet but i reckon it will be at least $3-$4k to put the ol ram back into fighting condition. damned deer! ^ mike you should have picked up the deer for the meat... i you mean for the hamburger .