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Bad dealership experience

From : eggraid

Q: i saw black mats with red and white rams head logos at my local pep boys store. you could also probably order these from their website. i ended up ordering the rubber slush mats. these were black with an embossed black ram logo. i have a rubber floor but still wanted to keep the dirt on the mat for easy cleaning. i just purchased a 2003 ram 1500 regular cab and i still havent found any floor mats that i like. i saw a set on ebay that i loved but the auction is over. ive searched the internet for a set like them with no luck. they were made for a 1500 with a raised ram head on each one. does anyone know of a site where i can get these or do i have to go through my dealer ive also checked out the dodge website and found nothing. i would appreciate any help. .


From : max340

a rant at a local 5-star dealership took my 99 2500 95k miles to rick gladwell dodge and was taken for a ride. problem #1 tranny would not go into lockout. i requested all drivetrain fluids be changed and tranny bands adjusted. i requested a test drive to check for transmission properly synchronizing. mechanic said he could not duplicate problem after service was done. drove it home and tranny went into lockout for about 100 miles then again would not sync. took it back and took mechanic on test drive where he witnessed the problem and fixed it by reprogramming codes on the onboard computer. 2 trips to shop and $600 charge granted the fluids needed changing but the second trip was uncalled for it had been properly test driven took truck to dealer in order to have them perform warranty replacement of catalytic converter. drove off lot engine light came on immediately. took it back diagnosis was bad o2 sensor. replaced plus labor at over $150. took truck to dealer 2 years later in order to have them perform warranty replacement of catalytic converter. drove off lot high pitched whistle comes from vehicle when truck downshifts. took it back diagnosis your exhaust hanger is broken and needs replacement. exhaust is leaking out of the pipe. replaced plus labor at over $100. er .

From : nunya

ok me out here... just purchased the above mentioned truck last week. i have 600 miles on it. i towed for the first time today in ohio flat land with my 26 ft. travel tr. i have a manual trans. all goes well through 4th gear...when i shift to 5th gear...i can hardly maintain speed. what gives should i stay in 4th i plan on taking some trips pulling this camper. according to the books and numbers from the dealer i am about 55% of capacity in regards to weight. the truck should have no problem with this... hmmm.... stumped and a little pissed kyle your pissed your 4.7 engine cant tow a travel trailer im guessing weighing in at 5000 lbs in 5th gear sorry but you have some unrealistic expectations. i had a 4.7 in a dodge dakota with the 3.92 rear that i used to tow a 4000 lb. travel trailer. it towed *ok* alwasy felt i was a tad on the safty line with the smaller truck and i got about 11 mpg when towing. however i could only tow in 5th on the straights. any slight incline i bumped down to 4th. who cares what the dealer and the manufacture state its a 4.7. just out of curiosity what is your rear end ratio mine was 3.92. totally ignore what the books and numbers from the dealer state. go have your truck weighed. the numbers the dealer gives you do not include accessories such as air conditioning a full tank of gas etc. all of this needs to be taken into factor when determining tow ratings. all additional equipment you the kids camping gear etc. needs to be also taken into account and subtracted when determining what you can tow. now i have a 2002 ram with the 5.9 im about 400 lbs. actual scale weight over what the books state my truck weighs with me weighing in at 170 lbs and a full tank of gas. just to add my weight includes an automatictransmission which is also not taken into account with the numbers the books state. im willing to bet you if you weigh your truck and your travel trailer your travel trailer book weight also doesnt include your batteries propane air conditioning microwave etc. you will be about 80% or higher of your towing capacity. here is a really good article to read that describes about towing ratings hp derogation in higher altitudes good weight definitions etc. it also describes the 75% rule of thumb when towing. this article is based around pop-up camping trailers but it applies to almost any kind of towing. http// -- note to help with spam email reply address is not valid. send email to selzlera@*remove* take out the *remove* portion to validate address .