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Average economy vs instant

From : partsmore

Q: i have a new dodge ram 1500 daytona with foglights. i would like the foglights to work on high and low beam would someone please email me the instructions to allow this its not that easy anymore... the lights on the 3rd gen trucks are not controlled by the switch anymore - not directly anyway. the front control module controls all front lighting. as such you cant just bypass a simple relay anymore. genos garage carries a product that will do this for you http// please email direct to no... read the group .


From : tom lawrence

i cant seem to get it to change from average economy to instant economy. i believe they did away with the instant economy display somewhere between 00 and 03 a friends 00 has it - my 03 does not iirc 03 is the first year without it. denny .

From : christopher thompson

that is not always the cause and on the 98 iirc you would also have a speedometer jumping issue. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving replace the vehicle speed sensor located in the top of the rear differential. the abs light and parking brake light are stuck in the illuminated mode. been that way for nearly two years. is the any solution to this. i have thought about pulling the fuse but that turns off other needed warning lights. i have a 98 ram slt .

From : mike simmons

took the time factor into consideration and figured that unless it really hates starting in the cold ill save time. if nothing else ill be more motivated. id also thought about the ability of my car to get out of the same spot i park the truck and i know it cant unless i shovel. due to fuel prices and a number of other factors i figure i can also plow a path for the car saving wear on the truck. -- max give a man a match and he is warm for a short while. light him on fire and he is warm for the rest of his life. thanks for the info. this blade is for the tractor i have and has wheel weights to go with it. i already have the rear axle mounts. i figure on using it to clear the sidewalk basically as a time saver. -- max im willing to bet ya that when its all said and done you could have shoveled it in the same time. you gotta count the time getting the thing to start and dicking around with it as shovel denny .

From : christopher thompson

im sorry we keep forgetting that if t-bone says it cant happen then it cant happen. it is not what i say can or cant happen it is the laws of physics and high school physics at that. its really funny tom that you apply the its physics claim yet have denied it existed at other times. back to the unfounded accusations again care to back this statement up this is degrading quickly and this time it is not me doing it. tom any time you put down a persons experiences or knowledge you degrade them and you did it first. sorry but no. i didnt put you down in any way i simply said that you were wrong in this instance. now if you take that as a putdown then there is no point discussing anything with you because a childish attitude like that is incapable of discussion. but if we use your current definition of things i simply said that air alone could not cause the type of failure that the op said happened and i wasnt even responding to you i was responding to max. you then jumped in and made the claim that it could happen and i was wrong using your forklift example which by your current definition put down my experience and knowlege so again who did it first you did. as usual you just see what you want to see truth be damned. and my statements do not violate the laws of physics. yes they do. the equal and opposite reaction part. unless something is resisting the system venting pressure to the reservoir it cannot apply pressure to the slave cylinder. wrong law of physics tom. newton wasnt involved in this one bernoulli was pressure is exerted equally in all directions. ok then if the master cylinder is operating properly how would the expanding gas build pressure on the master cylinder side remember the pressure must be equal on all sides or it will flow toward the path with the least resistance which means away from the slave and into the master. now heres what i was trying to show you and john exactly but you both kept up with the arguments that i was wrong unskilled inexperienced and a liar. complete bullshit on your part. i said that you were wrong and nothing more. all the rest is just part of your imagination or perhaps a defense mechanism to make far more out of it than really exists. the system was a new rebuild; master slave line fluid. the port was uncovered i could see it thru the new crystal clear brake fluid and when the pedal was pressed fluid escaped from it as indicated by the rippling of the fluid surface. all that shows was that the valve was still moving in the bore not that it was actually opening as required. and the system was causing slippage until i bled the air out . . .the only work i did on it. no adjustments no parts replacement other than a quart of brake fluid. i didnt say that your repair had no effect. if there was an exceptional amount of air in the system which seems to be the case with your quart of fluid and the master cylinder was not allowing for venting and your ripple with pedal movement does not prove that it was then your bleed of the air in the system could stop the clutch slippage issue but the problem that allowed the pressure to build up to begin with still existed. the thing budd is what got the fluid so damn hot to begin with hell the operator may have been resting his broken foot on the pedal causing the problem and when the clutch began to smoke lied to you about it. unless you were riding on the lift with him all of the time you simply cannot say that it didnt happen that way. i am not saying that it did just that it is another possibility that you cannot absolutely deny. another thing to consider is that if the master was functioning properly to begin with there should not be so much air trapped in the system as some of it would have vented out from gravity alone. now you figure it out. i dont have to figure it out budd the design of the system says that it cannot happen that way and if you are positive that it can explain how. but heres one for you to explain robert goddard is recognized as a developer of modern rocketry especially liquid fuel rockets. in his early experiments the engines blew up not the tanks the engines. now since theres this big old hole in the back why did they blow up first of all we are talking about explosive expansion here due to combustion. wrong!!!! even in rocketry you do not want explosions anywhere. rapid burning yes explosions no. lol sorry budd but it is a continous controlled explosion. do you really think that the gas is expanding that quickly or with anywhere near that much volume in a hydraulic clutch assembly no. then your argument holds no water. i hate to say this budd but now you really are starting to make yourself sound like an idiot and this is not a lame revenge insult it is an honest opinion and if you really think about it

From : mike simmons

why you dont like knowing how bad that lead foot is hurthing your pocket book ; i cant seem to get it to change from average economy to instant economy. i believe they did away with the instant economy display somewhere between 00 and 03 a friends 00 has it - my 03 does not iirc 03 is the first year without it. denny thank the lord! ;^ mike .

From : denny

chuckyg wrote my 2000 1500 fog lights will not come on. when iturn the headlights on and pull the knob out the indicatore light inside says the the lights are on but they really arent. i checked the fues and the bulbs.. please help me-chuck most likely a bad hradlamp switch - fairly common. the cheapest thing to do is bypass the switch and put a simple toggle or rocker switch comwehere on the dash. -- ..bob 1997 hd fxdwg - turbocharged! 2001 dodge dakota qc 5.9/4x4/3.92 1966 mustang coupe - daily driver 1965 ffr cobra - finally on the road! .