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Automakers bailed out with "cash back bucks"

From : beekeep

Q: the automakers gm chrysler and ford were in washington this week after driving their hybrids from detroit begging congress for bail out money. congress decided to kill two birds with one stone. since the treasury dept. has run out of serial numbers to print anymore $100 bills and they want to pass a stimulus package that would put cash into the peoples hands congrees has decided to issue new 100 dollar bills. they are going to change the treasury seal to the logos of gm chrysler and ford and print this new money as cash back notes. then when you buy that new ford and get $2500 cash back they will give you 25 of the new notes. they hope that eventually collectors will gobble up the notes taking them out of circulation like they do the state quarters and the government will never have to make them good! beekeep .