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From : nancy

Q: emissions have little to do with the brake light but he will probably fail the safety inspection if the state he lives in has one and it doesnt work or stays on. if he disconnects the abs computer on rear wheel abs only the brake light will still operate normally and the abs light will just stay out and in most cases they dont test for the abs light anyway. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving on tue 08 nov 2005 120024 gmt tbone wrote he would have to unscrew 2 of them and then he would lose the brake warning completely and trust me you really dont want to do that on a ram with the shit they use for metal brake lines. but then again with it lit all of the time it really isnt telling him anything anyway. and when it comes time for an emision inspection they wont do it with any warning lights on. beekeep .