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Anyone run a Jet Chip in a 4.7???

From : theguys lane

Q: on tue 09 sep 2003 012042 gmt budd cochran wrote and the sweaty bald overweight car salesman with the 10 wide hawaiian hula power tie with pasta stains blubbers you got a new job selling cars now with the torque curve of a humpbacked single hump camel and the hp band with a shape reminiscent of a needle ...and a turbocharger design co-developed by mopar and mitsubishi that they dropped because of being problem plagued. another ford better idea they stole to get yep a real winner folks. my brother-in-laws 2000 ford p-smoke was in the shop more than his 72 ford big block 250 with 200000 miles on it. budd dick wrote with a class leading 325-horsepower and 560lb-ft of torque the 6.0-liter power stroke v8 turbo diesel engine is a marvel of design and engineering. http// --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.515 / virus database 313 - release date 9/1/2003 .


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or just crawl under the truck with a flashlight please no matches or cigarette lighters!!! and look for anyplace the normal road grime is washed off. with the fuel injection pump back by the tank it may not be that hard to find. budd curmudgeon wrote given everything youve said it has to be a leak. a slow gas leak will evaporate very quickly on hot pavement/ or hot weather. leaving little or no trace. you might want to have your friend put down paper or better still a large sheet of cardboard under the truck tank; wait 24 hours and see if youre getting a stain. if not there then slide the the cardboard toward the front of the truck wait another 24 hours and check again...until youve traced from the back to the front bumper along the route the gas line takes. good luck. you wont get that much gas to evaporate that quickly from even leaving the gas cap off... you have either someone driving the hell out of the truck...fill it again and write down the odometer it in a few may find that someone that you allowed to have keys to is using it...thats one possibility.. a leak. that leak could be in the tank..altho if you had one that large someone would smell fuel. that leak could also be someone that is draining it....a locking cap is not a big deal...really. its a deterant thats all....i lost a set of keys to one of our service trucks and grabbed my spares...realized that it needed gas stopped...and forgot about the locking cap. 5 minutes later with a full tank and the cap back on off we went... the stuck sending unit...that could be due to varnish building up on the sender when it was low..could be...but i would fill it halfway and have someone drivethe hell out of it for a day and see if it breaks loose. me and my friend have the only keys. he has the key so he can go on test drives for anybody interested. except for the first fillup when we put the battery in hes paid for the gas since. i dont think someone is driving it. theyd have to be pretty good to time it so that it runs out of gas when they pull in the parking lot and park in exactly the same spot. its not dissapearing overnight it may have sounded that way in my post. after the original fillup he drove it to the place to have the fluids changed then to the washing and detail place. he took it out on the highway and drove it for a while to sure it ran ok. he said except for the gas guage it was fine. it was about two weeks before someone came to look at it when it was empty. then he only put a couple of gallons in it to check for leaks and it was a few days later when that dissapeared. .

From : redneck tookover hell

pretty much same waste of money id be interested in hearing how the stage i chip compares with the stage ii etc. chaos confusion and trouble!!!! my work here is almost done .

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cab clearance lights are also on hold... i just ordered a 04 2500 and the dealer had to place the order via the dial system because the protection group is on hold. does anyone with insite know how long the hold will be in place my dealer is telling me the vehicle should arrive by the end of october but id just like to know how long it might be b4 dodge has the parts for the protection group available. tia .