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Anyone push snow with a Dakota?

From : nitpik

Q: ive been thinking about putting a blade on my 2000 just to keep the drive clear. interested in hearing from people who have moved snow with a dakota and how it does. two people that i work with have blades on dakotas one is a 6 1/2 western and the other is a 7 western. both are used to keep family and friends driveways open and maybe a small parking lot. no problems with either one of them. but as gary has said a large trans cooler is your friend... denny .


From : kilmister

tbone wrote back to spinning what i said again huh miles. i said that many people that dont actually need them are buying them for whatever reason. i am not trying to define anothers needs but if you really believe that every one of them out on the road was bought because the owner needed it you are really an idiot. as for capability ith the possible exception of towing and offroad a minivan can outdue a suv in just about everything including mileage. the problem is that they are not cool like a suv which is the actualy reason most of them are bought. you are the one that said gas guzzling suvs are a problem and these japanese hybrids are a great solution. people who are buying hybrids are not choosing them instead of an suv. these hybrids are only replacing other economy cars. the savings in fuel is peanuts. actually i was wrong. it is actually $450 and yes only liability. it is a third car what more does it need. if its a clunker then liability is fine. if its worth something then possibly comprehensive is needed. which japanese company is producing a hybrid suv well as you mentionedm toyota and lexus. whoa here tbone. first you discount the ford because it wont be out till later then you use toyota and lexus as examples of suv hybrids they wont be out for quite some time. why because they are cool lol. no. suv hybrids make more sense because they will replace those gas guzzling suvs you whine about. hybrid cars you love are bought by people who would have bought an econo car anyways. little savings there to save the world with tbone. no they are using what we have today to get the answer out today not 20 years from now like gm may be doing. gm had its electric cars out many years before anyone else was doing a thing. how many 8 year old 100000 mile hybrids are on the road none as far as i know. they havent been around that long yet. how many 100000 mile hybrids then there are plenty that should have been around long enough for that. they simply do not last that long. there is no benefit in using our own oil over that of others foreign dependency is never a good thing. if it is then explain how it causes no problems. lol yea sure. please point me to some link that backs this up and explains the difference between explatory and well drilling. you liberals wont allow any type of exploring for oil. period. thats the point. but you are still wrong. exploratory drilling does not require all the same infrastructure as a full blown drilling and pumping operation. no exploratory drilling confirms what the other test indicate and is exactly the same as regular drilling without the pumping and transportation infrastructure being completed. it doesnt require a permanent drilling station to be built. big difference. now that depends on exactly what infrastructure you are talking about. you back peddle a bit. youre trying to tell me nobody does exploratory drilling because its the same as if theyre drilling to pump it anyways. now its a matter of exactly what infrastructure too funny. .

From : nitpik

miles wrote tbone wrote and where is the infrastructure for the pure hydrogen that they need. the answer is that it simply doesnt exist. thats where the future is. didnt you tell me we need to be looking towards the future now you have a problem with an american company that is spending over a billion $s towards technology to do just that. go figure. its my understanding that the first fuel cell cars will probably get their h2 from...gasoline! makes sense. the infrastructure is already there so might as well make use of it. still some serious problems with fuel cell technology for automotive purposes though. the volume problem seems fairly serious. how do you pack enough h2 in the car to get a reasonable distance how do you store the h2 safely where do you get the h2 from its energy intensive to produce but i think this technology is going to fly! maybe 10 years and not just in cars. instead of those aa batteries powering all your electronics youll have a refillable miniature fuel cell that will do the job. in the meantime perhaps the prospect of $3/gal gasoline will get america more serious about alternative energy. its only been 30 years since the first wake up call gas crisis! smh smh .

From : denny

reminds me of people who preached on the path trains in the mornings. harmless but annoying that they have to peddle their gospel publicly. last thing i really want to hear is about religion at 730 in the morning or on a group having nothing to do with it. wrote the reason some people dont know for sure if they are going to heaven when they die is because they just dont know. the good is that you can know for sure that you are going to heaven which is described in the holy bible as a beautiful place with no death sorrow sickness or pain. snip are there no churches you can preach in double-a .

From : transurgeon

the driveline vibration at 65mph that has been a more than irritating is no more. over the past few days the service department had both driveshafts balanced. that removed some of it. next they did the fix that has worked for a couple of folks on the tdr. they loosened the motor mount bolts and the transmission mount moved the truck about 100 feet in each direction shut it off in neutral so there was no bind and then torqued everything down. nice and smooth now. roy good!! now get ready to put the blade back on. the wc is calling for 2-4 inches here tomorrow night. no shit!!! denny .