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Anyone? Tom? Please?

From : lee bower

Q: not sure what years that cd player would fit into kevin. what do you figure its worth my 2002 dakota only has a tape drive and i may be interested in upgrading it. where on ebay will you be listing it aloha!!! i recently replaced the factory cd player in my 2001 dodge dakota. i plan on selling it on ebay but i need to know what year trucks the player will work in. ive seen 2003s the seem to have the exact same player in them. does anyone know the range of years that this player will work with thanks .


From : beekeep

does the hemi have forged pistons if so.. then i would give it a shot. vince anyone know what this engine will hold not a permanent plan my friend has an extra system sitting around and im gonna use it until he needs it. .

From : lee bower

would you agree with the 2003 ram totally negative cr report its an interesting contradiction. i saved the summary here to review http// on the first page of this pdf it shows the graphical reliability history for 2002 2003 not compiled yet and all the marks are red circle high rating. but pages 3 and 4 are the summary report and it is nothing but negative. any 2003 ram owners disagree with any of the commentary in the page 3 and 4 summary considering getting one but when a review is that negative.... you have to take consumer reports with a grain of salt but at the same time you cant compeltely ignore it. thanks todd i just bought a 2003 ram quad cab 1500 4x4 with the 4.7l engine and the 5-speed manual transmission. i wanted the 5-speed manual because acceleration with the 5-speed automatic was less than impressive. i have been quite happy with the truck though i have only had it a month. i had a 2000 chevrolet silverado ext cab previously and i think the rams cabin has a lot more room than my old chevy. i agree that the rear end does hop if you hit a bump while cornering but my chevy did the same thing only not quite so pronounced. i personally think it is because of the crappy goodyear tires it came with. their grip is less than impressive they wont stay on my truck for long. 12mpg! please! with my 5-speed manual i have been averaging 14.7mpg and have gotten as high as 16mpg. i do admit that its sheer bulk it is longer taller and wider than my old chevy has taken some getting used to but for the money it was worth it. both the ford and chevy that i looked at were at least $6000 more expensive. with the incentives dodge is offering through the end of july you just cant beat their deals right now. by the way if you get one pay the extra $625 for the sport appearance package. i for one think it makes the truck no matter what color you choose. just my 2 cents. -- steve - fuquay varina nc. .