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Any lifts kits for a 2003 Ram 1500?

From : ch

Q: the only thing that is obscene about traffic tickets in pa is the added costs after the fine. these costs double the fine on the ticket and are not this horseshit you speak of. we have the fine the judicial improvement costs supplies district magistrates with computers and such filing costs which apparently costs more on top of the improvements and the biggest joke the catastrophic loss fund. this ripoff of the pa violator has never been used for the purpose it was created and often funds state overbudget costs. btw in md a fine for speeding is about $50. big deal. in pa the actual fine for speeding is about $70. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : tom lawrence

cbhvac wrote sorry...had alot going on and had not checked the group in a while....just got this.. no apology necessary. its kind of you to take the time to respond. did they bother to actually check the pressure in the system before they did this meaning...was a manifold on the vehicle before he went looking for a leak with the uv light nope! he just scrambled all over with a uv light. no goggles no manifold no nuthin! there is a duh! for so in other words they have no freaking clue where the leak is so lets replace the most obvious things and pray i say bullshit. can i get an amen! amen think they wanted you to pay for call dodge and ask. if the service writer wont you as the owner can. and the moment tha a/c quits working thats what i intend to do. did they use the light and allow you to wear the goggles small leaks will not show up to the naked eye without them on. the dye itself will show at the fitting of course but not like it will with the yellow goggles and lamp shining on it.. as above goggles what goggles googles..we dunt neeeeeed nu steeekin gooooogles.. frost as in white fluffy like in the old freezer days frost or just alot of condensation on the suction line frosting normally will not happen on the vehicle here as it uses a thermal expansion valve and a lp cycle switch. odd.... yeah! frost as in icy crystals on the line! but i must note here the frost was appearing at times when the ambient temp here in san francisco was in the mid-fifties to low sixties. since i got home its been 70 plus and im seeing only condensation on the line; no frost! ok..ok...then that might be normal. yesterday...for giggles and grins i was out working and had the van at idle 134 system and put the fan on low and let it idle for a got a little frost on it and it was breaking 100f here...cranked the fan to high and of course it went away...see...refrigerant pressures relate to a temp and those temps are regulated by many being airflow over the evaporator..less air flow lower pressure and hence lower temps. i did check mine and it was dead with low ambients like you had i would say its ok...if i had to take a guess.. i would prefer if it was my vehicle depending on ambient temp airflow over condensor fan speed inside vehicle to be in the range of 40-55lbs at idle with the compressor on....but then on 134a vehicles i charge by weight not pressure and it could vary much more than that depending on the mentioned factors. as someone else here said it does appear to be sort of a black art! with the engine at idle the compressor on the fan speed at max and the vehicle still im seeing about forty five pounds of pressure. is this about right i would again say yes but you didnt state ambients..but 45psi is indeed between my specs so i would hasten a guess you are ok thus far.. ....its also possible that the port was leaking at the service fitting and this last time it sealed. seen that happen....particularly on the old 12 systems. if i had to guess this is exactly what happened because i charged the system before i took it to the five sphincter guys and it lost the charge overnight. i believe the next thing that happened was the dealer did nothing during the nine days they had the truck due to my not seeing dye at the valve the first time i came back then seeing it smeared all ovwethe fitting the second time. so when i came back the second time they actually had charged it and the service fitting sealed. thanks again for your time np.... hope it works out... regards doug .