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All gauges don't work

From : dan and ginny

Q: how about making the punishments fit the crime if you demonstrate you cant drive responsibly then you dont get to drive legally. drive illegally and you go to jail. and no plea bargans. drive illegally and you go to jail kinda steep for speeding dont ya think hate to be involved in a accident in your world what would the penalty be death if more than 50% at fault roy .


From : dan and ginny

i didnt know about this code business but i will check it out today. thanks for that. i need as much help as possible there. they really do talk to me like im a total moron or patronize me and all but pat me on the head and send me on my way with a lollipop. and i dont know how they cant duplicate the problem as it happens to me everyday with others having been in the truck with me to witness it. bev .

From : Annonymous

tbone wrote how do you know how successful i am there is a difference between being successful and being greedy miles and you are more the latter. you cant define success rich wealthy or greedy. you just make baseless statements that someone is greedy. there is nothing baseless about it. so far the only thing that you based success on has been money and that is just greed simple as that. i said no such thing. this is just your spin to hide your greed. sure you do. you want a limit to how wealthy someone can be. after that point tax the crap out of em cuz they have too much and are greedy. except you can define where that point is that seperates being successfull and being greedy. once they pass a certian point they are greedy and should be at a higher tax rate but the taxes are not a form of punishment they in fact support the infrastructure that allows these people to continue to take that huge amount of money. prove that statement tbone. you cant and you know it. its just your liberal mindset that tells you to believe big companies dont pay much in taxes. look up wallmart and their corporate welfare. they get nothing special just for walmart. were talking across the board or at least on average anyways tbone not particular cases. prove your statement that businesses dont pay much taxes because of loopholes and write offs. lol now you are against particular cases. how exactly am i or anyone else supposed to prove anything if you refuse to look at individual cases. because in most cases the way they hot that much money is by being greedy. back that statement up with some proof about most tbone. how would i do that when you close your eyes real tight and refuse to look at individual cases but in this case i will use you as my example. you own a small business and intend to collect from it your full salary according to you until the day you die and justify it by claiming that you made an investment but that investment paid you back years ago and now it is just an excuse to take money without actually working for it. i would also say that you probably make 5 to 10 times or more that of your employees but i can guarantee that you dont work 5 to 10 times harder than they do. and the saddest part is that you are a small business owner so in a way you are far more justified in doing this than the upper management in many of these large corporations that make 10 or more times more than you and have no vested interest at all. funny how you ask me to set limits and define things when you have yet to answer or define anything yourself. success is what a person decides for themselves. and once again you spin instead of just answering the question. they go after whatever it is they want. and for you it is just the money which is the definition of greed. thanks miles. for some you see that as greed if they go after too much but refuse to define what too much is. you are the one trying to make two classes rich or greedy not me. im not trying to define anyone and put them into a group. you are. nice try at avoiding your own statement. you keep spewing greed but refuse to define it. of course you dont want to define it. that might put a limit on how much you can take from others without admitting you true motivation greed! as for the simple definition read above. first im a left wing liberal and now i am a communist. you really are too much. i have no desire to limit anything but that doesnt mean that success and greed cannot be defined or at least seen for what it is. the define it tbone if it can be as you say. you say you dont want to limit anything but then turn right around and want to label people as greedy and raise their taxes because they have too much. there is nothing wrong with calling something what it is even if you dont want to hear it. when are you going to stop blowing the right wing fear horn. i dont want to or ever said to tax the rich as a form of punishment that is just your spin. because of spending not too low of taxes. and who approved that spending hell who caused most of it congress. and who is the controlling party in congress they have for decades. dont spew the crap about some surplus under clinton. youve shown a complete lack of comprehension on economics. the surplus stated was a 10 year projection by the clinton administration and nothing more. until you can comprehend what a projection is then theres little point in your spewing about deficits or surpluses. you have no clue as to what either means. its a cash flow situation tbone not a pile of money left over sitting somewhere. hahahaha you really are a trip miles. first you accuse me of saying that there was a surplus and then complain about me doing it and say that i have a complete lack of comprehension. the only down side to your argument is that