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Air bag idiot light came on

From : tim covington

Q: are you running stock valve train cam lifters push rods rocker arms or a combination of stock and aftermarket/high performance. stock type or high performance pistons are the pistons breaking at the ring land or on the top have you planed the block or the heads if so have you checked rocker arm geometry if the pistons are breaking on top have you checked valve clearance with out seeing the actual parts it is very hard to diagnose the cause. have you talked to your machine shop gary carter on a stock 1976 440 what is the deck height what is the rod length i have an engine which has destroyed a piston twice !! i think the rings are breaking from too high a pressure. i have heard that the piston should be within 0.040 of the head quench or squish height mine is 0.171 at tdc comments .