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Air Fan Makes Humming Noise

From : kobe008

Q: hey ive got a ford 1994 f150 and you know its been a great truck never let me down and i own a 40 ford two door great car love flat heads but for me next time its a dodge 1500 4door because the new fords are butt ugly and the rangers are part of that honda nation crowd im waiting for them to sprout those big mouth mufflers so they sound like a lawnmower on speed. oh by the way my wifes car is an 2002 intrepid r/t one of those dc cars but the dealer ive gone to has been awsome and this is the fourth car weve bought from them my new dodge will be the fifth if i can sweet talk the wife. guy on tue 22 jul 2003 062553 -0700 miles wrote steve wrote another one of the gods of the dodge group. nope. as others have said your experience is similar to whats been experienced at dealers from all makes not just dodge. funny thing is i only experienced this treatment the two times i dealt with local dc dealers. if i wamt to post this story every week i will. why you got your answer from many but didnt like it. you wanted people to sypathize with you. a few people asked for the whole story and missed my original post. plus i dont believe a select few can tell you what to post and when if you dont like it dont read it. if you think im wrong for feeling the way i do then go ahead a reply why did you ask people to let you know if youre wrong if youre unwilling to accept that answer never disagreed with logical replies just the ones who attacked the person behind the post. in reality they are the ones looking to start a flame war not the original poster. if you check most of the post on this group you would see a select few will disagree and attack the person behind the message often. to disagree is normal but a pleasant reply is the way to go about it. remove spam for e-mail .