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Air Conditioning problem

From : ranger bill

Q: i most likely over filled it although the pressure reading was fine. can i just bleed some off through the lp line thanks mark have a leak and your lp switch is not allowing the clutch to engauge overfilled it and the hp switch is tripped... if it aint rocket science how come no amatuer gets it right ive got a 1997 dakota 3.9l. last year my a/c started blowing hot air. i rarely use the a/c so i wasnt in a hurry to check it out. ive never been impressed with this a/c. the a/c clutch has been loud for the last few years so loud i used the defrost heatonly when i had too. today i put a can of 134a in the system. i checked the pressure and it was low and fine after charging. after i charged the system i ran it for 15 minutes and it cooled a little. now its blowing hot air and the a/c clutch isnt engaging. the clutch isnt even engaging with the defroster on. the low pressure isnt cool now. did i cook my pump any ideas thanks mark .


From : Annonymous writes have a leak and your lp switch is not allowing the clutch to engauge overfilled it and the hp switch is tripped... if it aint rocket science how come no amatuer gets it right youre right it aint rocket science but some amateurs do get it right. theres just not many good amateurs and those that are good are overshadowed by the overwhelming number of blubbering idiots. theres good articles on the web and cheap books at barnes & noble and free books at the library that can teach good fundamentals and show you how in only a few hours. going the extra mile to attend a trade school and getting into an apprentice program is what you do if you want to make your living sweating bullets crawling around in hot attics in the summer and freezing to death in cold attics in the winter or bending over hot greasy engines year-round. somehow a computer-science degree seemed a little cleaner and more temp-stable to me. - devout amateur .

From : mike simmons writes i have a 97 dodge ram - 1500 4x4 with a slow leak in the low pressure service port. i cant seem to find a replacement on the web... can anyone please point me in the right direction it is the schrader valve that seems to be the culprit. i do not want to add the quick fix sealer... just replace the valve while i have the pressure of zero. any help would be appreciated. bill i dont think theres any c in the word. shrader valve is how ive always seen it. i cant imagine why a good auto parts store wouldnt have what you need. however if youve lost all pressure you prolly need to pump it down and prolly even replace the drier. nows when you need a good buddy in the auto a/c bidness. .

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From : cbhvac

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From : ranger bill

it is getting error code p0320 p0320 ignition/distributor engine speed input circuit malfunction hmmm... my guess would be that this translates to a camshaft position sensor malfunction. the cps is inside the distributor. first check the electrical connector remove the cap to access it. next you want to back-probe the connections. the purple wire should be the 5v supply. make sure it has voltage with the ignition key on. if it does back-probe the tan wire and crank the engine. you should see the voltage fluctuate between 0 and 5v. if not the cps is toast. if you dont even get voltage on the supply wire theres a problem with the pcm or the wiring harness between the two. .