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Aftermarket Ignition for 87 Dodge W100

From : guy lee

Q: i believe that some of the smallest suvs also would fit into that smaller or same size as a neon category and were notorious for rolling over. if you insist on beleiving otherwise you have no proof and are again deluding yourself. just add up the numbers pinhead. even in maxworld i doubt that 56 + 1 = 100. again this is full of incomplete information. bullshit. no it isnt stop deluding yourself. the regulations are based on the larger cars not the small ones incorrect. as rick stated the regs are based on distance not the vehicle covering the distance. lol i should know better than to argue sciences with a moron but what the hell. the regs cannot be based on distance alone it is impossible. the reg gives a maximum amount over a distance. the point pinhead is on what they based that maximum amount value on. it doesnt say that the lincoln doesnt polute more just that it legally cant when the car leaves the factory it is legal no matter how you spin it. exactly but the paragraph was written to make it look like the lincoln puts out the same level of contaminants from the lincoln are the same as the cavalier and that is total bs. also does not say which car the regulations are based on imagine that. thats because as rick said the regs are based on distance not the vehicle covering the distance. wrong max they are based on a maximum allowed value and nothing more. the article tries to make it appear different as if all cars actually put out the same amount of contaminants over a difference. only an idiot would believe that oh sorry max. and what is the point of regulating suv and pickups if it is not to reduce the number of those vehicles sold that is the purpose. then the purpose is unconstitutional and against the laws of free trade as capitalism holds them. lol got proof. we already have vehicles that run off other forms of energy. no we dont not the type of vehicles that americans want or in many cases need. wrong. toyota and honda both have hybrids on the market. hybrids are not full electrics and still require a secondary fuel source. furthermore propane has been used extensively as have alcohol and biodiesel. wake up already. really where is the infrastructure to support converting all vehicles to propane. it is easy to make these claims when the vehicles are in such limited use. prove how any of these technologies can be converted to the mass scale required and at the price that we are currently used to. you truly are deluding yourself. sorry max but that would be you. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving . 222 264959 oh yea i should mention its a 4x4 which i think makes a big difference in mileage and apparently performance shouldnt make *that* big of a difference. mine is 4x4 also and i get as good or perhaps .5 mpg less than the same truck without 4wd. there is something wrong with your truck. i have a v8/360ci 4x4 ram 1500 which weighs almost twice as much as your truck and i get better mpg than you do. also 4x4 doesnt affect performance too much. i raced a truck like mine except it wasnt 4wd and he had 4.7l which is 10 hp less than the 5.9l. i pulled 2 feet ahead off the line and thats where i stayed for about 1 mile until i slowed down. i wouldnt be unhappy if i were in your shoes either. makeem fix it or get a dodge 2500/3500 cummins ho. hoss power and good mpg too. cant beat that with a stick. craig c. 2002 ram 1500 qc 4x4 5.9l .


From : guy lee

hello all i am posting to request advice for changing the stock exhaust of my 87 w100 or w150. i live in a county in georgia that requires emission testing for my vehicle so i assume i cant run true duals. does anyone have a recommendation for this application maybe new cat muffler and/or headers maybe brand name as well also is it fairly easy to install or should i get someone from a muffler shop to do it thanks for your time guy .

From : budd cochran

beekeep wrote now now jerry this is what you have to look forward to when you get old. he cant raise hell at home or the kids will put him in a nursing home. he has the attention span of an ant so he cant play cards at the senior center. his sex life is like shooting pool with a piece of rope being a worthless sack of shit is the only thing he does well so let him do it it keeps him occupied between depends changes. posting anything positive helpfull or pleasent just isnt in him. only thing i know for sure is even when you try to ignore him eventually he will start taking shots at you. you laugh and continue to ignore but as soon as you respond back he starts this crying and whining thing about we have to resolve this problem between us. heaven help you if he considers you a friend and you should disagree with him. your in his shit book real fast then. even in this thread where myself t-bone and max are trading shots everyone knows the players who is right who is wrong who is bull shitting and who actually starts and keeps the crap rolling. myself i can get in the mud with the best but do tend to get bored rather easily as is the case now ........... but budd i dont know. maybe i missed something during these last 4 years ive been around here. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobod

From : redneck tookover hell

would that information be in the owners manual yeah... like... maybe.... a digital odometer. try the ignition on/off 3 times bit on any 2000 or greater ram dakota or durango and watch the odometer .