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Aftermarket Cold Air Intake for 99 ram sport 1500 360ci

From : officer

Q: everything i find is in the 150 - 200 doller range anything cheaper out there the air intake thats currently on your truck will cost you no money and will give you the same performance as a cold air intake system.... in other words dont waste your money! mike .


From : mike simmons

on sat 19 nov 2005 110359 -0500 leroy wrote 92 318 dakota 90k miles just started noticing this on cold mornings. when i first crank it up the oil pressure guage dives below zero as far as it can go. it stays there 4 or 5 seconds then begins climbing towards normal. no audiable bearing knocks or rattles. any suggestions appreciated. thanks so many garys and clydes leroy for others who may encounter this.... it was a stopped up pickup tube in the bottom pan. leroy .