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AMSOIL is not the best!!!!

From : jay smith

Q: as far as your expectations of the performance enhancement you expect to realize from the aftermarket accessories you mention i would caution you to take the claims put forth by the website with a grain of salt. it has been my experience over many years that the only outcome of these accessories is to fatten the wallets of the vendors. i wouldnt go by horsepower claims by these aftermarket companies either. especially not the better fuel mileage claims. but in my experience and based on what the truck was like when i first bought it the combination of aftermarket headers exhaust and k&n intake has given my 5.9l a noticeable and satisfying increase in power. remember the manufacturer uses parts that are cost effective and suitable to most drivers. .


From : nunya

on mon 14 jul 2003 102137 -0400 tbone wrote if you have the diagnostic tool why dont you just flush the codes before going to inspection i dont know where you are but in california clearing the trouble code to turn off the check engine light before going to smog inspection will most likely fail the inspection test obd ii monitor test .

From : unemployabel

hey i am in so. cal also and it is way hot lol but sierously if you dont have a leak it is probably your low pressure switch near the accumulator here in the banning beaumont area i have seen allstar dodge replace several while getting my oil changed. other wise it probably sprung a leak would have to look at the temp and the preasure and do a superheat formula. good luck. i am having the exact same problem with my 98 ram. i used the gauges and it shows that there is pressure. when the ac kicks on the gauge drops way down and then the clutch kicks off and the pressure goes back up. i cant figure out the problem. any help oh please it is so hot in socal. patrick usually when the clutch cycles quickly it is a sign the system is low on freon. did you actually have a set of gauges on the high and low side to check the pressures if the pressures are ok and the clutch kicks out quickly you may have a pressure switch going bad. denny a question for the group re a/c; vehicle is a 99 1500 qc w/ 5.9 the a/c stopped blowing cold. line pressure measures ok. the only visual symptom i can see is the a/c compressor clutch cycles on then off very rapidly when the a/c is switched to max a/c. thinking it was the relay i swapped that out but the rapid on/off cycling continues any suggestions before i go to dealer and bend over tia doug .